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A prompt to lighten up & have some fun November 2, 2016

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LIKE A SCENE from The Wizard of Oz, the witch riding a bicycle drew me in for a closer look.

And that’s when I focused on the sign:




I don’t condone wicked behavior in the sense of something evil or criminal. But wicked behavior defined as fun and of no harmful consequence to anyone, that I can support.

How about you? What wicked fun behavior have you participated in?

FYI: The witch photographed here is located next to the scarecrow display at the 100 Ladies and Gentlemen Craft Sale in Kenyon. I posted about the scarecrows yesterday. If you haven’t read that piece, click here.

© Copyright 2016 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


6 Responses to “A prompt to lighten up & have some fun”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    Wicked behavior? Hmm. Chris and I are always having fun with one another but nothing that really can qualify as wicked. Unless you count the ceramic frog I put in the toilet bowl once when we moved back to the US after Australia to remind him of our toilet frogs. 🙂

  2. LOVE IT!!! Great reminder to laugh, joke, play, prank, and have fun of the good kind that does not harm others. Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂

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