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Happy spring from Minnesota & DQ March 20, 2017


The Dairy Queen along old U.S. Highway 14 in Janesville, Minnesota, in 2012. The sign is vintage late 1940s or early 1950s. Click here to read my story about the Janesville DQ. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2012.

HAPPY FIRST DAY of spring, dear readers!

If you live in a cold weather state like me, you welcome March 20, even if the weather and landscape feel and appear more winter than spring. It’s a mental thing for us Minnesotans, a reminder that the “real spring” is only months away. Spring, in my Minnesota mind, arrives in May.

Over at Dairy Queen, they’re going by the calendar, celebrating spring’s official arrival today with “Free Cone Day.” You can get one free small vanilla ice cream cone at any non-mall participating DQ in the U.S.

And, if you’re so inclined, you can donate to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, DQ’s March 20 fundraiser focus. Because, you know, you’re getting that freebie and you’re generous.

© Copyright 2017 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


16 Responses to “Happy spring from Minnesota & DQ”

  1. We went to DQ yesterday- Peanut Buster Parfait! Now we have to go back today-right?!

  2. Almost Iowa Says:

    A real Minnesotan does not let the weather come between them and an ice cream cone. It is terribly disappointing when the small DQ’s close for the season. Where is their courage?

  3. Ah! We have a DQ a mile away and I didn’t know about this promotion! Very nice. I’ll have to tell Mick, the resident ice cream lover.

  4. Don Says:

    That looks just about like the Dairy Queen in Windom that remember going to as a child. I sure wish we had one here in Fairbanks, we used have 2 but one closed down and the other blew up because of a gas explosion years ago. I sure miss having banana splits and chocolate malts there…………… Enjoy your DQ!

  5. Don Says:

    Sam’s Club a big box store or Fred Meyers a department store are two of the ones available for taking the grand kids and myself to. Not many soft serve choices here.

  6. Valerie Says:

    We went to DQ to get our free small cone for my birthday treat! Happy Spring!

  7. Ha ha the sign was the first thing I noticed. Yum free ice cream. Beautiful the last few days. Rain and snow later this week. I guess Mother Nature didn’t get an updated calendar

  8. Sue Ready Says:

    In my mind when the DQ opens it is indeed the unofficial start of spring. Happy Happy!!

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