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Fashion thoughts, holiday & otherwise December 28, 2017

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NO ONE WILL EVER look to me for current fashion advice. I am a t-shirts in the summer, flannel shirts in the winter, zipper sweatshirt layers and blue jeans type of dresser, a bonus of working from my home office. Sure, I’ll dress up when necessary. But I prefer comfortable over fashionable.

That said, you might think I would embrace ugly holiday sweaters. But I don’t. For one reason. I can’t wear pull-over sweaters anymore. Being of a certain advancing age when my body temperature fluctuates, I can’t tolerate feeling trapped in the heat of a sweater. If it buttons, I’m OK. I can just unbutton or toss off the sweater when necessary. But otherwise, forget it.

How about you? Do you get into ugly Christmas sweaters? Let’s hear some ugly sweater descriptions and stories. Just for fun. Not because I care about fashion.

Ask my sister, who to this day reminds me of the ugly (her word, not mine) yellow dress with daisies on the bodice and a hand-me-down to her. To which I reply, “It’s not my fault I was the first-born daughter.” Had birth order been reversed, I would have been wearing her pre-worn clothing. Fashionable maybe in her eyes, but not necessarily in mine.

Fashion is, in my opinion, personal. And I have an opinion on the current trend of ripped jeans. Why would anyone pay money for jeans that belong in the rag bag?

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23 Responses to “Fashion thoughts, holiday & otherwise”

  1. At least your sister got girl hand me downs – I got boy hand me downs – some people thought I was a boy when I was younger. I am right there with you on the ripped jeans – no, not spending the monies. Mr. Craves received “bacon” socks aka socks with bacon imprinted on them – ha! We went on an ugly sweater bike crawl recently and there were some pretty cool ugly sweaters – one biker even wore a wool ugly sweater and it was 80 degrees out. Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂

    • I’ll share that tidbit with my sister. I wore some “boy” clothes, too, shirts handed down from my older brother. Fashion doesn’t matter when you’re doing barn chores.

      Bacon socks, oh, my? That’s a new one.

      I remember your earlier mention of that ugly sweater bike crawl. What a fun holiday idea. Do you think that would work in Minnesota?

    • It might work if you put skis on the bikes – ha! Plus you would have to wear the sweater over all the layers so it would be visible.

  2. Beth Ann Says:

    I always say that I shouldn’t be so concerned about what I wear when I see what other people wear. But still—-I like to at least be presentable. I never got into the ugly sweater thing either but if I had a party to go to I would definitely decorate one and join in the fun. But yes to cardigans and not pull over sweaters. Easy access OUT is essential right now.

  3. Almost Iowa Says:

    According to my #1 fashion critic, everything I own is ugly.

    “Don’t wear that,” she says, “it’s ugly.”
    “But you bought it for me.”
    “Uh-huh, but that was before you wore it to crawl under the porch, let the dog sleep on your chest and ran it through the clothes washer twenty times.”
    “I don’t understand.”
    “So why am I dressing up to go shopping for new clothes?”
    “Because you are one of those men who have to dress up to out in public.”

  4. Valerie Says:

    I’m amazed they are still selling the “Christmas sweaters”…is the market geared for the ugly Christmas Sweater parties? I remember when they were very fashionable

  5. Neil Says:

    My wife once bought me an ugly sweater… I wore it for about 5 minutes before the novelty wore off. What a waste of money! It was one of the first items sold at our yard sale the following summer. Some lady decided it was her poor, unsuspecting husband’s turn to have it!

    Now a tractor sweatshirt – that would likely get years of wear!

  6. Jackie Says:

    “The Christmas Sweater” is a big deal in recent years with most stores carrying a selection, I saw them at Target, Walmart and Menards to name a few. I have no desire what so ever to wear one of those ugly things. I am no fashion expert…I like to be comfortable and casual!

  7. Gunny Says:

    Ugly Sweaters are in! They have been for the past couple of years. Even Sgt. Grit carries them (for us Jarheads). I have a number. People get a little confused seeing Christmas trees left to right in a row in white on a red “sweater” (actually a long sleeve t-shirt) followed by USMC emblems, then a row of reindeer, then a row of crossed Ka-Bars etc.

  8. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    I’ve never owned an ugly sweater but I have thought about knitting one with snowmen on it. That’s a lot of time to invest for some thing to wear only a few days of the year. I understand your theory on ripped jeans which often cost way more than normal jeans

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