Minnesota Prairie Roots

Writing and photography by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

Reconnecting to southwestern Minnesota, root place of my creativity » Rural Minnesota, #135 2 tractors near Morgan

Near Morgan, Minnesota.


2 Responses to “Rural Minnesota, #135 2 tractors near Morgan”

  1. davidscorbett Says:

    south half of minn is cut down woods too much for crops n all spring it smells like manure = midwest,n some rivers are manure so much it is unsafe to swim in them n midwest

    • David, I don’t know that the southwestern half of Minnesota ever had much in woods. Some, yes. And, yes, too many trees were removed, too many slough holes drained in past decades. And, yes, run-off of manure and fertilizer into waterways certainly is an issue. I think people are more cognizant of that now and are making efforts to protect our waterways. I expect the smell of manure in rural farming regions.

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