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One last shot from Madison, Wisconsin June 13, 2018

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THE HUNTING CULTURE of Wisconsin is undeniably strong. Last fall, laws changed to eliminate the minimum hunting age. Now anyone—even a baby—can get a hunting license. That seems a little crazy to me.

Whatever. I don’t live in Wisconsin. But I visit occasionally. And on a recent stop in downtown Madison, I saw a creative message in a second-floor window for a business with an unusual name. 12 Gauge Construction is a general contractor for commercial and residential construction. In the hunting world, 12 gauge is the most popular shotgun shell.

I don’t understand the hunting connection with a construction business. But even I appreciate the message of “GIVE US A SHOT as connected to the business name.


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22 Responses to “One last shot from Madison, Wisconsin”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Hunting culture is big in PA too.

  2. Murphy's Law Says:

    The play on words of that sign is clever indeed. The only connection to the construction company I can think of is that they’re “hunting” for customers.

    In this day and age of so much gun violence, why any state would put guns (intended for hunting) in the hands of children is beyond my comprehension.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

  3. “Give us a shot” IS creative. Hunting here is very popular too. I know last year the company’s Xmas card was chosen because of the image of a deer (not a reindeer) on it. I don’t get it either. I just shrug it off to being a “guy thing”. 🙂

  4. Sheri Eichhorn Says:

    Actually, a rather clever name and catchphrase for such a hunting community! I have enjoyed your take of Madison!

  5. Almost Iowa Says:

    It is not just the hunting culture, trap-shooting has become Minnesota’s fastest growing high school sport. Here is an MPR article on the phenomena from 2015, it’s gotten more popular since. Trapshooting hits the mark in Minnesota high school sports

    Attitudes toward guns and hunting has changed dramatically in the last forty years. I remember taking my shotgun on the Selby-Lake bus (21A) and transferring downtown to the Stillwater bus to go pheasant hunting. The only reaction I received was:

    “Did you get anything?”
    “Yeah, two roosters.”
    “Let’s take a look.”
    I then held up my birds for all the admiring riders to see.

  6. Gunny Says:

    Now days, it depends on who or what you are. I know a gent who was asked “please wear your gun to and from work!” He was a uniformed armed guard and he was tacking a buss & trolley to and from his place of work.

    A school teacher TOLD me to bring my gun to school! In one case, I was in school and we were issued guns!. (ROTC program!)

    Skeet, Trap and that other one (where the clays are bounced out from the sides of the range to cross the shooters path) are great shotgun sports.

    Audrey, see what looks something like GySgt R. Lee Ermy – It might be me. Ya’ll take care.

  7. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    That’s some interesting advertising. I’d bet the owner is really into hunting

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