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Here we go again June 18, 2018

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ALL I CAN DO is laugh because it’s unbelievable.

For the second summer in a row, I am recovering from a broken bone, And, yes, just like last year when I broke my right shoulder, my latest break involved steps. Saturday morning, while descending wide rain-slicked wooden steps to pick rhubarb in friends’ backyard, I slipped. Just like that, landed on my butt, palms outstretched to break my fall. I never considered the steps may be slippery from the morning rain. Nor, apparently, did the two men who preceded me down the stairway.

The intense pain in my left hand, and its rather deformed shape led to an immediate self-diagnosis of a broken bone. I didn’t need to hear the husband’s, Your hand looks funny. But then he and our friend probably didn’t appreciate my repetitious not again and a bad word I spoke.

I don’t recall much about our drive across Faribault to the ER except urging Randy to drive faster. He replied that he needed to obey traffic laws. Well, if you insist.

After some 2.5 hours in the ER–I was bumped to position two out of eight patients–I was back home with my left arm newly-splinted and tightly wrapped in a trio of bandages. The good  news–the break of my left radius was clean with no surgery needed. For you non-medical types, and that includes me, the break is in my forearm right above my wrist. Yes, I’m still in pain. Yes, my arm from elbow to fingertips is swollen. And, yes, I feel like my splinted arm/hand/fingers are gripped in a vise.

Later this week I see my wonderful ortho doctor, at which time I will request a frequent flyer discount. He’ll laugh. Dr. Armitage has a great sense of humor and I really do like him. Eventually, I’ll get a cast.

And eventually I will be able to type two-handed again and use my camera. For now, my blogging will be limited. For all you language purists, you will have to excuse the errors in my writing. Remember, I am typing with one hand, uh, mostly one finger. It is slow and tedious. I’m hoping I can still complete some freelance writing obligations by deadline.

To my husband, I am sorry for ruining a second summer in a row. Thank you for all the extras you are now doing. You are patient even when I snap at you due to pain and lack of sleep.

To the staff at Allina Health District One Hospital, especially Clare, Michelle, Vanessa, Sam, Sandy, and the others whose names I didn’t catch, thank you for your kind, attentive and compassionate care. We are blessed to have these medical professionals working at this hospital in our community.

I will close for today as I need to elevate and ice my arm.

But just one more thing–that rhubarb never got picked.

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45 Responses to “Here we go again”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Oh no! Hoping for fast healing

  2. Kiandra Judge Says:

    Oh no!! Prayers for a swift recovery.

  3. OH no, not again!! I’m so sorry. Sending you lots of well wishes

  4. Brenda R Says:

    Oh no! What a bummer!! A friend of ours 12 year old son broke his ankle the week after school was out & now he’s missing shooting in the State Trap Shooting contest today. He’s SO bummed! I feel especially bad because my hubby and I made 2 pans of rhubarb dessert yesterday- if you lived closer we would have gladly shared some!! It might have eased your pain!! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  5. Joan Ig Says:

    Time to slow down & pamper yourself with ice bags & naps which actually help heal. Sorry you fell. It happens so quick.

  6. Sandra Van Erp Says:

    What a bummer, BUT getting injured doing what one loves….consider voice to text software. I have a bit of arthritis, probably in my future. Here’s a good article, I’ve heard good about Dragon. Hugs! https://www.business.com/categories/best-voice-recognition-software/

  7. Lynne King Says:

    Prayers for a swift and healthy recovery!! I did something similar a few years back. Broke my ankle. The next year, same accident month, I fell and tore the miniscus in my knee on the same leg!! I now have a Clutz moniker attached to my persona!

  8. Almost Iowa Says:

    Oh My Gosh, Audrey!!! That’s horrible! I hope you heal faster than you did last summer.

  9. valeriebollinger Says:

    Oh Audrey, I’m so sorry to hear this. It is unbelievable. I will keep you in my prayers…for quick and complete healing.

  10. dalmatianangel Says:

    Oh no, Audrey!
    I’m sorry to hear about your fracture. Thank God it was a clean break. Have you had a bone density scan? Just saying…

    • i am thankful for that clean break also.

      no, i haven’t had a bone density scan. i think anyone’s bones can break depending on the fall. i’ve been weight lifting for the past year, which should have helped with bone strength. it’s how i fell…

  11. Oh No! Sending healing vibes your way (((((healing vibes)))). I took a pretty good bike crash recently and luckily nothing broken, however; road rash is not fun and still minimal range of motion with fully extending my left arm due to said road rash. Ouchie, ouchie, ouchie!!! Take Care My Friend 🙂

  12. prayers of complete healing for you! I think that bad word was justified! Oh, my goodness just doesn’t cut it!
    Take care!

  13. Dawn Says:

    Prayers for quick healing Audrey!

  14. Sandra Smith Says:

    Everyone with wooden steps: nail a few roofing shingles on each step–for a few dollars, you’ll save enormous pain and medical expense.

    • Thanks for the tip. Yeah, I’m not looking forward to the medical bills. i can’t recall my deductible but I think it’s $3,200, maybe $3,600 on top of my $1,000/month premium. Everything about health insurance and healthcare is through the roof unaffordable. It’s taxing us financially. We are forking out $1,500/month for health insurance.

  15. Murphy's Law Says:

    OUCH!! It’s amazing the damage that can be done in a matter of several seconds……and you weren’t even being a daredevil!! Sure hope the healing process is quick and uneventful, and that the cast proves to be more comfortable.

    I will add you to my prayer list. Be patient, the list is so long I fall asleep every night before I finish, and then continue where I left off in the morning!! Lol.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

    • Oh, Ginger, I value your prayers. Thank you.

      Nope, I was not being a daredevil. No one would ever accuse me of that. I am thankful I wasn’t carrying the paring knife to cut the rhubarb. My husband had that. Otherwise I may have been stabbed also.

  16. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    Oh my goodness Audrey! I’m so sorry! Yes, that doctor should give you a discount and nothing is worse than a car drive when you are in pain.

  17. Judy M Says:

    I am sorry about your injury. Praying for you.

  18. Jackie Says:

    Oh dear oh dear….. not again my friend! Hopefully it will be a somewhat quick mend. Sorry you didn’t get your Rhubarb…maybe next summer 🙂

  19. Beth Ann Says:

    Well shoot. I am so sorry and sorry I missed this “announcement”. Just goes to show you what happens when you miss a day or two of reading blogs due to vacation! Heal quickly!

  20. Oh rhubarb! Was that the word you said? So sorry! Thinking about you.

  21. Bella Says:

    so sorry to hear about your break and wish we lived closer so I could bring you a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie to cheer you up

    • oh, that sounds yummy. a friend who was in town yesterday to get her toddler granddaughter, stopped for an early morning visit, bringing homemade salsa and chips and two bottles of beer. one for me, one for randy. and bonus, she brought my fav. farm girl from lift bridge. she guessed on the beer i would like. both beers are chilling.

  22. treadlemusic Says:

    Oh, no!! Catching up on your misfortune has left me wincing at your painful descriptions…..my imagination does more than an adequate job of filling in any necessary ‘blanks’! Prayers with gentle hugs coming your way!!! (response not needed or expected…hehe)

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