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On the east side of Central, creativity thrives in a Faribault shop September 5, 2018

Suzanne’s original art tells the story of her life. The top of the painting, with two hearts, is missing from this image.


SHE IS THE KIND OF PERSON who exudes happiness. You know. Big smile. Energetic. Outgoing and welcoming. The type of person you want to be around because she’ll make you feel better simply by being in her presence.


The back room studio where guests paint. Suzanne is adding a kiln to this space.


Recently I spent some time with downtown Faribault shop owner/artist Suzanne Schwichtenberg of The Upper East Side. It was an impromptu visit, an invitation extended when Suzanne noticed Randy and me walking toward her in the 200 block of Faribault’s Central Avenue late on a Sunday afternoon.


Suzanne’s artistic flair, decorating talents and appreciation for historic buildings shine in the living room of her second floor Airbnb.


The Airbnb features a spacious, full kitchen.


Paintings by Joseph Feaster are featured in the beautiful gallery space as you enter The Upper East Side.


Even with guests inside her shop finishing artwork at a sip-and-paint event, Suzanne had time for us. Time to tour us through her second floor Airbnb and then around her gallery.


Guests can paint pillows like this one propped against an original brick wall and lovely wood floor.


I could not believe this was the same ground level space that previously housed an insurance and financial business once run by Suzanne’s husband. The transformation back to original exposed brick walls, wood floors, transom windows and more was remarkable.



Any restoration to historic delights me. As does this shop, a gathering spot for artists, from novice to professional. Creativity defines this space in the heart of an historic downtown that is ever spreading its artistic wings. Suzanne hosts painting parties for kids to adults. Other artists teach here, show here, work here. This space brims with colorful art, thrums with a creative energy.


After an afternoon of guests painting…


A sign on the wall notes the offerings of artist Anna Chance at The Upper East Side.


Sample paintings line the hallway floor from gallery to back guest studio.


Just being inside The Upper East Side with Suzanne left me feeling empowered as an artist. I may not create with paint and a brush, but I create via a keyboard and a camera. It is through the efforts of Suzanne and her team—Joseph Feaster, Anna Chance, Paul Schell and Sarah Beth Stadler—and many others that the arts continue to grow in Faribault.



We need art. We need the joy it brings. We need the beauty it brings. We need the insights and awakenings and purpose it brings. I cannot imagine my life without art—without stringing words into blog posts, poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction. I cannot imagine my life without art—without using my camera to tell a story, to capture a moment, to create a work of art.


Tote bag art is another option for guests.


I understand Suzanne’s passion. That she is sharing her creative joy makes Faribault a better place. We have a strong community of artists in this southeastern Minnesota city. And to see them emerging as a defining presence in our business district reinforces the importance of the arts—for the local economy, but most of all for us as human beings.



FYI: The Upper East Side is among 19 studios on the 2018 Studio ARTour of South Central Minnesota set for October 12 – 14 in the Faribault, Northfield, Nerstrand and Farmington areas. Click here for more information.


© Copyright 2018 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


12 Responses to “On the east side of Central, creativity thrives in a Faribault shop”

  1. Almost Iowa Says:

    The best art is that which does not have to be explained. 🙂 🙂

    I enjoy The Walker, but when I have to read a little white card to understand the art, I think to myself, “thanks, I didn’t see that.”

  2. I HEART Art and LOVE Artistic Spaces 🙂 I am blessed that I live in a creative community too. Being creative is inspiring, passion igniting and FUN! Happy Day – Enjoy

  3. Jackie Hemmer Says:

    Suzanne’s 2nd floor Airbnb is amazing, I just love how she displayed the brick behind the couches, and that kitchen oh my! How lucky you are to have a personal tour with this very talented artist, I can just hear your excitement in this post. Have you ever sat down in a class and done a canvas painting? It’s fun but it makes me nervous as it’s not a cheap class.

    • No, I’ve never done a canvas painting in a class. I would feel like you, a tad nervous. I like to work solo without any time pressure.

      I love that partial brick exposure, too, Suzanne explaining the process of getting it that way. Not necessarily easy.

  4. valeriebollinger Says:

    This sounds like a fun space to explore. Another place to visit in Faribault.

  5. Beth Ann Says:

    Lovely addition to Faribault. Love this type of place that allows folks to get together and create and the Airbnb is awesome.

    • The Upper East Side is assuredly a gathering spot for many. Suzanne even offers parties in which she gives some of the proceeds to a “cause.” For example, on the day I was there, a group of women were painting to help a friend injured in a motorcycle accident.

  6. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    What a great place. I especially love the coziness of that sitting area with the exposed bricks.

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