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Remembering 9/11 in Hastings, Minnesota September 11, 2018

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TODAY, WHILE DRIVING THROUGH HASTINGS, I noted an American flag suspended across U.S. Highway 61 near the bridge that spans the Mississippi River connecting Minnesota and Wisconsin.

“Why is the flag there?” I asked Randy.

“September 11,” he said, and I had one of those moments when I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten the anniversary date of the terrorist attacks on our country.

To the people of Hastings, thank you for reminding me of a date, an attack, a part of history that I should always remember.


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13 Responses to “Remembering 9/11 in Hastings, Minnesota”

  1. becky spitzack Says:

    A truly sad day.
    Thanks for the photo.

  2. Kiandra Judge Says:

    I felt I needed to be out around people today with the 9/11 attacks heavy on my heart. I’m so glad we did because we saw 2 firetrucks with their ladders raised and a flag hanging on it like you saw. A local restaurant also had a sign reminding us to “never forget”.
    A heavy heart but one filled with love for my family and sending love to those who are still suffering from their losses.

  3. Bella Says:

    yes a reminder we all need to keep us grounded, aware of our surroundings and a reminder too- reach out to others in need of a helping hand

  4. Almost Iowa Says:

    Blooming Prairie did the same thing. It seems to be becoming a, wonderful, tradition.

  5. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    What a great way to display a flag!

  6. Littlesundog Says:

    Wow! I love this photo! Do you know the hourly rate on a boom truck? It’s outlandish! This appears to be from a fire truck. Forrest was telling me he saw were two bucket trucks were joined on either side of a highway by a cable with the American flag attached. I love these signs of community, unity, support and never forgetting those who gave their lives for our country.

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