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Focus on feline photography October 29, 2018

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Brianna’s cat, in her home in Hayfield, Minnesota. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo October 2016.


HALLOWEEN PROMPTS THOUGHTS of cats. Not necessarily black ones. Just cats in general. I’ve photographed a few through the years. Because, well, they are photogenic.


One of the many cats on a Morristown, Minnesota, area farm.


I’m no cat person. I grew up on a farm, where cats served the sole purpose of catching mice. But I’ll stroke a cat, allow one to wind around my legs. For awhile. I have my limits. Recently when about a dozen farm cats swarmed from a barn toward me, I retreated to the safety of the van and slammed the door. That was too many cats. I felt like I was inside New Ulm native Wanda Gag’s Millions of Cats children’s picture book or in some Stephen King horror story.


Ian with Zephyr in rural Bigelow, Minnesota. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2013.


Yet, I know many of you adore cats, own cats. And that’s OK by me. I can pet your cat, photograph your cat without the costs and responsibilities of pet ownership. That works for me.


My sister’s cat, Sable, now deceased. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2010.


TELL ME: Do you own a cat(s), why and what do you love about your pet(s)?

BONUS CAT IMAGES from my photo files:


“Grandview Farm Cat” by Faribault animal portrait artist Julie M. Fakler. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.


Princess Biancabella bookshop cat at Bexter Book & Copy in Milaca, Minnesota. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo October 2017.


Posted on the screen door of Paper Moon in McGregor, Iowa. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2013.


The cat that needs to be kept inside Paper Moon. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2013.


Iowa cat. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2013.


One of two cats outside Hopefull Treasures in Hope, Minnesota. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo July 2011.


The lazy life of a Hopefull Treasures cat. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo July 2011.


“Dog and Cats” by Faribault Lutheran School first grader Frankie Spicer shown at a student art show at the Paradise Center for the Arts. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2018.


This stray kitten showed up while I dined with friends on the patio at The Tavern, a downtown Northfield, Minnesota, eatery. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2010.

© Copyright 2018 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


25 Responses to “Focus on feline photography”

  1. Joyce in Kansas Says:

    Oh, yes, we own cats (or maybe it is that they own us!). Four of them. Mostly outside cats though two of them come in the house once in awhile, especially when it is cooler. My husband is even more attached to them than I, especially the two that don’t come in the house but like to sit on his lap down in his shop! One of them is a black cat. Though born in three different litters, all had the same mother, the neighbor’s cat! Even if she had the kittens at the neighbors she would bring them to our house when they were old enough to make the trip! All of ours have had their trip to the vet (and go annually for checkups/shots). Well loved cats. My sister (now deceased) did not like cats so of course they had to come close when she came to visit.

  2. Love kitties, but have become more of a dog person over the years. 🙂

  3. Did you say CATS?!
    Yes, oh, yes, I love them SO MUCH. They will be included in my Heaven!
    I adore your photos, Audrey. Such gorgeous creatures. So good, in fact, that you appear
    to be a Cat Person!

    PURRRR. Meowwwww. From Duluth.

  4. Bernadette Says:

    Enjoyed your feline photos for Halloween. The grade school artist’s cats and dogs really made me smile. Charming details.

  5. Sandra Van Erp Says:

    The no-kill cat shelter I’ve volunteered at for 8 yrs. (Caring for Cats) informs us on FB that today is National Cat Day. My first cat, Bibby, adopted my parents before me and was still with my Mom when I left the nest. We also had a dog. My household had Slippers, Mittens, Beeper, inherited Mother’s “Kitty” who became Milly. I’m now a permanent foster of special needs cats. Pouf, Aster, now Wilma. No kittens that move faster than me. It’s perfect as it’s fiscally irresponsible for me to have my own animal. Shelter provides their special food and vet bills. Both daughters have cats, one is saying goodbye to an 18 yr. old. Just because you aren’t endeared to them, there’s many to pick up the slack. Their beauty is (almost) all in the photographer. I can almost pet their fur! I’m still partial to tuxedos.

  6. Norma Says:

    Since we sold our house and moved to Bakersfield, I haven’t had a cat. First time in my life I have lived without at least one cat, My beloved Fred died shortly before we moved, and at that time we were allowed, in our leased home, only one animal. I already had a dog , so she came with us. I love my dog, but I do prefer cats. They are so independent, while I find dogs more needy.

  7. Beth Ann Says:

    You know of my love of cats but I try to not be a crazy cat lady. My cats are such wonderful companions when Chris is gone and I can not imagine not having them. I have done many posts on my blog about random cats as well and it is always well received like this post so I was thrilled to see your wonderful photos of cats and the last one looks so much like my Buddy. 🙂 Thanks for paying homage to cats !

  8. Jackie Says:

    I enjoy cats on photographs, only! I’ve never been a fan of cats, they are sneaky and always want to rub up next to me, I appreciate those who have cats and love them, but that wont be me, ever!. I will admit for the most part they are cute…. I’ll give them that 🙂

  9. Littlesundog Says:

    I am not a cat person either, but they can be quite photogenic. I have known a few cats who seemed to sense that I wasn’t interested in them, and of course they seemed to INSIST we become friends. I bet they do that on purpose! Ha ha!

  10. Valerie Says:

    We used to have a wonderful cat named Caramel Corn…and you can imagine her color.
    We’ve had some interesting experiences with cats but Caramel Corn was a good cat!

  11. Bella Says:

    I am not a cat person but I couldn’t help smiling and the cuteness of each you captured. One big dog is enough for us.

  12. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    I am a CRAZY cat lady. The only reason my house isn’t full of them is because I don’t want my house to smell like a big kitty box. It needs to be manageable and my two pampered kitties are just that. I love the kitty in your last picture

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