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Just vote November 5, 2018

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IN A YEAR WHEN POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS have reached a new level of negativity, it’s refreshing to see nonpartisan billboards encouraging people to vote. Just vote.

Who wins matters banners hundreds of billboards posted across Minnesota. The Pohlad family, owner of the Minnesota Twins, paid for the signage. I don’t know their political affiliation, and it doesn’t matter to me. What matters is the message.

Election Day presents an opportunity to exercise our freedom to vote, to choose the candidates we want in office. If you don’t vote, then don’t complain about the results.

I am so ready for this campaign season to end. I am weary of the attack ads. I’d much rather a candidate told me who they are, their views and what they hope to accomplish than attack an opponent.

I am so weary of the phone calls, including one from a particularly insistent campaign caller who pushed to the edge of harassment/intimidation/bullying/verbal abuse when I stated my viewpoint. You can bet that candidate will not get my vote, not that I intended to vote for him anyway.

I am so weary of the campaign literature that fills my mailbox daily. I don’t even read it. The mailings go directly into the recycling bin. I don’t need to read the accusations, the words that are unkind, hurtful, bordering hateful. I’d rather read positive words. I’d rather just vote on November 6.

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22 Responses to “Just vote”

  1. This is an important message- VOTE!!

    I have been in MN for almost a week and I was sick of all the political ads the first day. None of the ads are paid for by the candidates. The ads don’t really tell me or even give me the idea how these people will truly be effective if elected. Frustrating but not to the point where I will give up my freedom and right to vote.
    I voted on Friday- at my county courthouse. A line was out the door with respectful Minnesotans exercising their right to vote. I was proud!!
    Thanks for posting Audrey.

  2. Beth Ann Says:

    I do not miss living in Iowa for this reason —the campaigning there was relentless. I know it is everywhere but in Iowa it was over the top. Even when it was not a caucus year so I understand your weariness.

  3. Claudette Says:

    It’s nuts, watching from here, although in 🇨🇦 we’re not without drama either.

  4. Agree to Just Vote – exercise the freedom to vote and have a choice/voice. I did early voting and now waiting on the results. The major race here is for Governor. I am sort of elated that I do not have to gear up for a Legislative Session in 2019 due to transitioning into Finance for work. A lot less stress and anxiety for sure. Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂

  5. Almost Iowa Says:

    I’d much rather a candidate told me who they are, their views and what they hope to accomplish than attack an opponent.


    Just yesterday, we received six mailing flyers telling us what a bad person our representative is. The way I look at it, if she is that bad, she probably pretty good.

  6. Valerie Says:

    I am tired of all the ads too. I will vote and be glad the process is over. I’m not sure that is a good sign…that Americans can’t wait to be done with the political process.

  7. Sue Ready Says:

    I hear you on the weariness part I just stopped watching TV as all the negative ads and They all wore me out and made me angry.

  8. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    Oh my goodness I have a huge pile of adds sitting on my desk. I think I could insulate my house with them. I’m looking forward to it being over but them again it’s about time to start advertising the next presidential election

  9. Sheri Eichhorn Says:

    Oh, I so agree. I am so excited that voting day is tomorrow. We need to exercise our duty and our privilege by casting our vote. And, I am hoping at some time we can create legislation where ads can only talk about what a given candidate will do. They should not mention their opponent. We need to stop this hateful attack environment that has been building in our country.

    Maybe there could be a “Practice Civility” peaceful protest. I would be happy to support that.

  10. Jackie Says:

    Rick and I voted this morning, I’m looking forward to the endo of the crazies! I’t almost 5pm (dinner time) and I just got a phone call with more campaigning. It was even for a person I voted for…. I just hung up. I’m done with all of it. sigh.

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