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Winter postpones Winterfest December 1, 2018

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TODAY’S WINTER STORM, which just arrived in Faribault within the past half hour, caused today’s Winterfest to be postponed. Oh, the irony. But a smart move on behalf of event organizer, Faribault Main Street.

This statement posted an hour ago on the Main Street Facebook page:

After consulting with law-enforcement and the fire department we have made the decision to postpone tonight‘s events. Most concerning is the forecast for high winds after several inches of snow. Staff and committee members will determine the best make up date on Monday and make an announcement Monday afternoon. Please be safe and thank you for supporting Winterfest effort’s! 
Nort Johnson

A Winter Storm Warning is currently in effect until noon Sunday for my county of Rice and other areas of southern Minnesota with 5-9 inches of snow and 40 mph winds forecast. That wind is wicked cold. I stood outside Walmart for two hours this morning ringing bells for the Salvation Army and felt that bitter wind. And now with snow falling at an incredibly rapid rate, conditions will deteriorate quickly. Stay safe. Stay home. And watch here for info on the rescheduled Winterfest postponed by Old Man Winter.

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14 Responses to “Winter postpones Winterfest”

  1. Claudette Says:

    Well my goodness, lol. All we’re getting is rain and slush. 🇨🇦

  2. Ruth Says:

    Just rain for us. That’s a lot of snow for you. Brrrrrr

  3. I guess from certain perspectives, winter can be beautiful. When I was younger, I loved the change of seasons. Now, winter makes me a bit sad. I hate being bundled up, I dislike being stuck inside. Once in awhile, I really enjoy a rainy day to do nothing but catch up on thoughts and inside chores. Winter makes me long for what I cannot do.

  4. Almost Iowa Says:

    Talk about irony…

    Glad you survived the bell-ringing in that wind and snow. God bless the bell ringers. I always keep a wad of $1’s in my wallet and stuff the kettle both coming and going….as well as thank the ringers for their generous giving of time.

    • Thank you for thanking the bell ringers. We were thanked numerous times yesterday. That helps when the fingers get numb from the cold. Fortunately we finished before the snow began. But that wind bit.

      Thank you also for your generous giving. I had one woman tell me yesterday (as she stuffed bills into the kettle) that she knows what it’s like to go through rough times. I’ll be posting about another emotional moment.

  5. Gunny Says:

    Winterfest cancelled due to Winter? This IS funny! (Understandable but still, funny). I worked for the company that built and supported the system you all have seen in the movie “Top Gun” (system is very real and not “movie magic” though the movie was somewhat. While operating the system, we had one pilot shoot the Sun and “killed” it. What were those programmers thinking. However, the funniest was as we were gearing up for just another training day, the head pilot called off the exercise “due to Sun”. Evidently, the sun was too bright that day and it was angled shinning into the face of a number of the pilots.

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