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Way too cold here in the Bold North » winter, map with temps – copy

The weather report at 8 a.m. Thursday on FOX 9 News.

winter, forecast – copy

8 Responses to “winter, map with temps – copy”

  1. Ruth Says:

    I am totally convinced! Brrrrrrrrr

    • It’s a bit warmer today…before a major winter storm rolls in on Sunday and then temps plunge again.

      The husband has been working on the snowblower most of the day without success. Looks like we will be buying a new snow removal machine. 😦

      • Ruth Says:

        Sounds like a necessary investment. Hope the soup’s on and the kettle. We’re going to have two weeks of “severe” cold here but I’m sure our severe cold wouldn’t even phase you.

      • Today will be the test. Randy thinks the belt will stay on now. I hope so.

        Soup was on last evening. Snow moving in this afternoon and then temps dropping and wind increasing. The temp @ 7 this morning was minus 16 degrees. Later this week the expected low is minus 25. That’s cold, even for us.

      • Ruth Says:

        Brrrrr. Hope that belt did the trick. That wind is something. Thinking of you.

      • The belt stayed on the blower through clearing seven inches of snow from two driveways and two sidewalks today. Then it flew off. I was thankful that at least it lasted through that clean-up. I also got in an hour of shoveling this morning as the blower can’t be used in all spots.

      • Ruth Says:

        Oh my. Sounds like a new blower is in your future. Maybe there will be a sale? Thanks for writing to let me know. Im thinking of you in this severe weather

      • Thank you, Ruth. The sales will come when no one needs a snowblower. And that’s not now.

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