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From Faribault: Awaiting a blizzard February 23, 2019

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A digital blizzard warning posted at Walgreens along Minnesota State Highway 60/Fourth Street in Faribault today.


AS I WRITE, the weather offers no hint of what is to come. Except for grey skies.

The temp is 32 degrees. Melting snow and ice drip from the roof. Roads are clearing in the warmth of the day.

But, oh, how deceiving. Southern Minnesota, from western border to eastern, is in a blizzard warning beginning later today and continuing well into tomorrow. My county of Rice could get up to 10 inches of snow.

That southeastern Minnesota is in a blizzard warning is a rarity. I expect this in western Minnesota. Not here. But fierce winds are predicted, swirling that snow, creating white-out conditions and poor travel.

Be safe out there. And heed the warnings.

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17 Responses to “From Faribault: Awaiting a blizzard”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Hope it isn’t as bad as predicted. Sounds ominous. Keep us posted and I’m sorry your winter is so tough.

    • Up until February, winter was actually pretty good here. But February has been awful with constant snow. It’s starting to get to everybody. There’s so much work involved with clearing snow from roads, driveways, sidewalks and roofs.

      Forecasters sound quite certain about this storm. At least we’ve been warned. I am thankful for those forecast capabilities which help to keep us all safe.

  2. Gunny Says:

    Aaah. Sorry. Back in the 1870s, around Hayward east of Albert Lea, nearing Spring, on a warm sunny, clear day that children walked to school, most not bothering with a coat. Storm clouds appeared and a blizzard struck. Took my Aunt 3 days before she could see her daughter and know that she was safe and sound. While Southeast Minnesota may not be known for blizzards, they do have a record of them. 1873 I believe and there are others mentioned. Check the pipes, and stocks of food and fuel. Stay warm and toasty.

    • That must have been really difficult for your aunt, to wait three days to hear if her daughter was safe. I cannot imagine.

      The Armistice Day Blizzard in November 1940 is the deadly storm that comes to mind. The day was warm, nice, with no hint of what was to come. Many duck hunters died in that storm. I am thankful for advance warning today.

  3. Brenda Says:

    I am done delivering mail for today and enjoying my recliner! So glad that the wind should let up before Monday morning and that our county isn’t expecting as much snow as yours. (Sorry about that for you and Randy!) I cleared some snow after work and enjoyed watching our lab romp and play in it! Glad she likes it!! I’m about done!

  4. This too shall pass. If cabin fever don’t get me first!

  5. Susan Ready Says:

    Audrey I have followed all your recent postings and indeed the amount of snow is insane-where do they put it all? My family has kept me up with all the details and my daughter has had many many unexpected snow days. Even driving looks to be challenging. Stay safe and your hair dryer was a great DIY problem solver.

  6. Stay safe and warm and out of the mess. The weather is CRAZY. We are currently in low country in South Carolina and it’s been raining for days on end. I hope you get relief from the snow soon!

  7. Almost Iowa Says:

    So did you all get clobbered up there?

  8. Stay safe and off the roads if possible. I would also wish for you to have some strong young help in your after storm snow removal. I think you could use a break.

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