Minnesota Prairie Roots

Writing and photography by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

Small town Minnesota: Pretty in pink butcher shop July 24, 2019


WHEN I’M OUT AND ABOUT in small town Minnesota, I look for the unique, the interesting, the whatever that makes a rural community memorable.



A month ago we stopped in Wanamingo to kill some time while waiting for friends to arrive at nearby Aspelund Winery and Peony Gardens. Along the main route through downtown, I spotted a local butcher shop, Wanamingo Meats & Catering, aka Blondies Butcher Shop. You can’t miss it.



Bright pink shutters class up an otherwise non-descript brick building also accented by a pink Holstein cow, pink signage and pots of primarily pink petals.



And then there’s the message out front: Its (sic) better to have grilled and burned than to never have grilled at all. As a mega fan of grilled foods—thank you, Randy, for grilling every weekend year-round—I agree.



Blondies Butcher Shop certainly focuses visual attention, exactly the point to draw customers inside this female-owned business. I’ll remember this small town shop next to the grain bins long after I’ve exited Wanamingo.

© Copyright 2019 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


20 Responses to “Small town Minnesota: Pretty in pink butcher shop”

  1. Oh I love this business. What a great way to advertise and promote the women in the business and what an eye catcher. That cow is the perfect outdoor advertising for a butcher shop as well. Love it.

  2. Doreen Says:

    That outdoor sign is priceless…….Tom is not a fan of grilling but I LUV anything grilled! Having said that, many years ago, Tom’s Father’s Day gift was a Weber grill—–of course, it really was for me but……………….. ha!

  3. Love it! Mike’s a griller (and loves to smoke meats, too), for which I’m very thankful. If he had seen this place, we would have definitely stopped. For me, it’s a craft store. For Mike, it’s a butcher shop.

  4. Ruth Says:

    Would love to see Blondie. I like your photos and travels, Audrey. Always interesting.

  5. Lori Foss Says:

    Next time your in Wanamingo have lunch at Area 57 It’s a great cofee shop.

  6. I so miss these markets and this one certainly grabs your attention. Love the message too – ha! I remember moving off the farm and having to buy meat in a grocery store. I had to call my mom for advice since it was so foreign looking to me. Now I am a pro pretty much and a lover of grilled foods. Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂

  7. Looks like a cool place! It would definitely draw my attention and make me want to check out what is inside. Plus, female owned, perfect!!! I am sold! Thanks for bringing this to your readers. Now, on my list if I ever get to that area.

  8. Adorable! I love the pink cow!!

  9. Paul Fahning Says:

    They have great meat snacking sticks

  10. Marilyn Donnell Says:

    Oh, let’s go the whole hog. I mean – a pink pig, pink rooster, pink lamb, you get the idea. I love it. And the sign is so, so true. Grilling is the way to go!

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