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Up North at the Lake Cabin, Part II: Water, land & sky July 17, 2020

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The picture of a perfect summer day at Horseshoe Lake in the Brainerd lakes area.


UP NORTH AT THE LAKE CABIN in Minnesota writes poetry into summer days.



In water and land and sky.



Each sings with the relaxing rhythm of days that roll one into the other until dates are forgotten and the world seems to exist only among the towering pines.




Day fades into evening at the lake.


Poetry writes verses on the lake and in cloudless skies and skies heavy with clouds and skies tinged with the fiery and golden hues of day’s beginning and day’s end.


This family of loons swam and dove within view every day of our lake stay, of great interest to me since we don’t have loons in southern Minnesota.


A loon family and boat share the lake.


Loons call.





Boats cruise and buzz.



Water skiers fly across water’s surface.



Families laugh and talk. Reconnect. Make memories.


My 18-month-old grandson loved everything about lake life.


This is the poetry of Up North at the lake cabin. Sand between toes.


Grandpa (Randy) and granddaughter (Isabelle) check out the dock and lake.


Generations bonding.



Randy kayaking.



Solitary moments of gliding across the lake on a kayak or paddleboard.


The most memorable and creative watercraft I spotted.


Each experience, moment, scene writes poetry into summer days at the lake cabin. S’mores around the campfire. Dining lakeside. Spending every waking minute outdoors. Embraced by nature.



Water. Land. Sky.


Pine trees stretch tall and lean in the woods surrounding the lake.


Up North at the lake cabin.


© Copyright 2020 Audrey Kletscher Helbling
These photos were taken during a recent family stay at a Minnesota lake cabin. This is the second post in a 3-part series.


16 Responses to “Up North at the Lake Cabin, Part II: Water, land & sky”

  1. JanBeek Says:

    So inviting! Your words enhanced the photos and visa-versa. Thank you for the nostalgic trip to the lake. Bob & I went waterskiing on our first date. That was how many years ago!? 1958 – wow! Ancient memories brought back to today! Thanks!

  2. I love the sky of your first photo. Looks wonderful and relaxing.

  3. Susan Ready Says:

    your poetic words illuminate the beautiful up north photos

  4. Lovely photos, Audrey. Love the sentiment. ❤

  5. Christine Says:

    Thank-you for taking me up north to the lake. I did not get to go up nprth due to covid I refuse to fly. Miss my MN vacation, stuck in HOT AZ.

    • Christine, I’m thankful I could take you to the Up North you so miss right now. It’s hot in MN, too, if that’s any consolation. We’re in an excessive heat warning tomorrow. And right now severe storms are hitting central MN, including the Brainerd Lakes area.

      Refusing to fly seems a smart move.

  6. Norma Waite Schmidt Says:

    Beautiful Lake. If it was here in California, one would hardly be able to see the water. I’ve heard the phrase “crazy as a loon’, but I don’t recall ever seeing one. I remember the water skiing from my teen years. So lovely and peaceful looking. I am getting tired being cooped up in the house. It gets rather lonely. You are so fortunate that you get to spend time with your grandbabies.

  7. Jackie Hemmer Says:

    It really is the best! Love the loons and babies, I just plain love loons 🙂

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