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Halloween 2020 recap November 2, 2020

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The grandkids, with their parents, getting ready to go trick-or-treating.

I ADMIT THAT WHEN I LEARNED my young grandchildren were going trick-or-treating, I was concerned. The CDC labeled the door-to-door tradition to be high risk during this global pandemic. Yet, I knew my daughter and her husband would be careful, as I expected others in their suburban Minnesota neighborhood would be. And that’s exactly how Halloween played out.

Isaac peeks out the front door side window before he leaves for trick-or-treating.
Setting a festive mood on the front porch…
Heading into the neighborhood early Saturday evening to trick-or-treat.

As I stayed behind to replenish the individually bagged candy and stickers and the glo-sticks arranged on an unattended table on the front porch, the rest—Isabelle as Thomas the Tank Engine, Isaac as a dinosaur, Randy as a divided Minnesota, and the parents as themselves, warmly dressed Minnesotans—set out to gather treats.

The candy table positioned outside the front door on the porch.
A Halloween garland visible through the front windows.
Spider web art created by my daughter and granddaughter and positioned in a front window (because the wind was too strong to place the cardboard piece outdoors).

I settled on the couch with the newspaper, occasionally hearing voices outside the front door. Then I’d wait a few minutes, until I knew the trick-or-treaters and their parents were gone, before stepping out to restock.

Isaac discovered that if he held his blinking lights treat bag next to something, the light would reflect. This fascinated him.

Eventually, the cold, fierce wind drew my family back to the house, where Isaac was more interested in his light-up candy bag than the candy. The kids each got one treat before we left and they transitioned toward bed.

Earlier, Randy and I sat with the kids and frosted and decorated homemade carrot cupcakes I baked the previous day. Isaac, at 22 months, was more interested in slicing the cupcakes with his child-sized knife. Izzy, 4, struggled with the thick frosting (note to self: next time make homemade cream cheese frosting), but managed the sprinkles quite well. When she later ate a cupcake overloaded with black sugar, her tongue turned black and black ringed her mouth. Coal residue from Thomas the Tank Engine, perhaps?

Chalk art on the driveway.

All in all, it was a fun Halloween. The kids were happy. The grandparents were happy to spend time with the grandchildren. And the parents, and the neighborhood, managed Halloween in a safe way, with all treats set outside and social distancing followed.

Randy noted one other difference. Trick-or-treating, without doorbell ringing and interaction, simply did not feel the same. He’s right. But this year, health and safety mattered more than tradition.

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12 Responses to “Halloween 2020 recap”

  1. We put out a treats table. I placed the treats in paper lunch bags. One parent called me the lunch lady – ha! Safety and social distancing was top of mind. Love their costumes 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing – made my day! Happy Day – Enjoy.

  2. Sandra Van Erp Says:

    Lots of fun stories, so glad it all brought smiles for you. Lots of creativity by those determined to not slight the kids of one more experience this year. Didn’t hurt the weather cooperated!

  3. valeriebollinger Says:

    The spider web is awesome! 😉
    Issac’s fascination with the blinking bag is great. You never know what children are going be intrigued by…and that is wonderful. Glad you had a fun and safe Halloween.

  4. Susan Ready Says:

    Sounds like a very fun weekend. I’d like a light up bag too!

  5. How fun for you and Randy to share Halloween with the grands. We for the first time spent Halloween with our Twin Cities grandkids. It was finally a weekend so we could spend the night and the kids were a bit older and now really getting into the tradition.

  6. I am sure everyone was as safe as could be and that all went well. It is tough to not have the traditions this year that we normally have but people are finding a way to cope for the most part. Our town cancelled their huge Halloween festival and folks were upset but it made sense right now. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be the really tough ones I am afraid as the restrictions need to be maintained. Love the pictures –nice to see the whole family enjoying the experience.

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