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Hope rises January 5, 2021

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This quarter-sized token, gifted to me by my friend Beth Ann, lies on my computer desk. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.

Hope. Several years ago, while experiencing a difficult time in my life, I latched onto that as my focus word. And I’ve never let go. I need only lift my eyes from the computer screen to see “hope” defining multiple messages posted on my office desk.

This begins a blog post I wrote for Warner Christian Resources and which published last week. I invite you to read the entire post by clicking here.

As we move into 2021, hope rises. In a vaccine. And much more.

I hope you, too, feel and experience that hope.

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6 Responses to “Hope rises”

  1. Beautiful and empowering! I have been reflecting on 2020 recently and I have focused on hope, prayers and the positives. I feel like 2020 was a reset (in some ways a wake up call) to shift down a bit and peel back the busyness to the basics. Most of all to realize as well as treasure what we truly have been blessed with in living our lives. Life is such a precious gift. I have been embracing more the savoring of each and every day and it is a little freeing when you discover the calm and find that balance again. Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Beth Ann Says:

    Hope remains alive!

  3. Jackie Hemmer Says:

    Hope is a word of encouragement and expectations. With Hope, we believe things will work out, but if things get tough then Hope helps us get through it. Our hope in Jesus sustains us through it all.
    Without Hope… then what? I’m so glad for the hope we share in Jesus!

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