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Celebrating Faribault with Heritage Days June 17, 2021

A sweeping view of Faribault from City View Park shows the Shattuck-St. Mary’s campus. MN Prairie Roots copyrighted photo August 2020.

SUMMERTIME IN MINNESOTA means cramming a whole lot of fun into our days. Lake time and family time. Backyard BBQs. Weddings and grad parties and reunions. And community celebrations. With limited months of sunshine and warmth, we are drawn to such gatherings, especially those that happen outdoors.

This week my community celebrates Faribault Heritage Days. The event kicked off on Wednesday and continues through the weekend.

From a Mayor’s Reception to concerts, BINGO, car and magic shows, cardboard boat and soap box races, fishing and medallion hunt contests, city-wide garage and farmers’ market sales, and much more—including the Grand Parade at 6:15 pm Saturday—there’s lots to see and do. Click here for the complete listing of events.

While Heritage Days doesn’t have the same emotional connection for me as those who grew up here, it still means something. I view the event as a way to connect and grow a sense of community. And, after a year of separation and isolation and canceled community celebrations due to COVID-19, we’re ready for this.

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4 Responses to “Celebrating Faribault with Heritage Days”

  1. Sandra Says:

    What a great web site Heritage has! What a fun float Trinity has, didn’t do stuff like that when I was in school! Lucky kids….and 2 kindergarten rooms next year! Sat. looks like a ball, life has begun again, enjoy! I would love to drive down, but we’re still laying concrete here. Some year I won’t be the only retired one on a committee. Been going on all week. But…choral has begun in earnest, I’m content. Looking at the Fair schedule and RCHS activities.

    • What are you laying concrete for? It sounds like a big project.

      Yes, lots happening in Faribault. I’m not sure how many events, if any, we will attend. The grandkids are staying with us this weekend and they are too young to be vaccinated. So we need to keep them away from crowds (and that includes Trinity, which is no longer requiring masks).

      • Sandra Says:

        Front stoops on our 50 yr old place are being replaced. Contractor crew is doing great but we have 30″ concrete with stone planters to move twice, off/on. They were supposed to have bottoms with drainage holes, apparently in ’89 no bottom, just layer of rock then dirt to plant shrub. Lift ’em up…you get the idea. Taking longer, but contractor absorbed the extra time and labor. Choral at church and the Hudson chorale all have grandparents with concerns. Some are opting out. Hard on parents too, kids want to be out there. I have 2 friends in the same situation. Last I heard was 12 and younger. This too shall pass.

      • Ah, that does sound like a big project.

        I just want my grandkids to stay healthy, especially now with the new variant, termed “COVID on steroids.” Family reunions this summer also leave me concerned as not all family members are choosing to be vaccinated, putting other family at risk. It’s a difficult situation. I’m thankful I’m not the parent who has to make choices. Being the grandparent is enough.

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