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My thoughts following the Uvalde school shooting May 27, 2022

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My tears spill in a fountain of grief at the deaths of 19 beautiful children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas. (Minnesota Prairie Roots copyrighted file photo August 2015)




















Eva Mireles

Irma Garcia

I SHARE THE ANGER. The outrage, too. The frustration, sadness, grief… Feelings of hopelessness and “not again” and disbelief over yet another mass shooting in this country, this time at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

If the deaths of 19 children and two teachers are not enough to effect change, what will? How often, how many more times will this happen—whether in a school, a church, a grocery store, a movie theater—before lasting change happens to prevent such tragedies? I will never understand why assault rifles are available (and accessible) to the public, why they are “needed” in the United States. There is so much I don’t “get” when it comes to the politics and rights and money that factor into this ongoing lack of action against gun violence.

I share these sentiments expressed by elected officials and other public figures:

  • I am sick and tired of this.—President Joe Biden
  • What are we doing?—Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut (2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting)
  • Stop saying that mental illness is behind this.—Joy Behar, “The View”
  • I’m so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to the devastated families that are out there. I’m tired of the moments of silence. Enough.—Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr (whose father was killed by gunmen in Lebanon)

When I heard the breaking news of the school shooting on Tuesday in Texas, I thought of my own precious granddaughter, a kindergartner at a Minnesota school. I thought of all those grandparents and parents and siblings and other family members who loved those 19 young children and two teachers from that Texas elementary school. I cannot even fathom the depth of their grief, how their lives are forever changed. How their loved ones went to school that Tuesday morning and never came home.

If the initial outcry and anger remain, then I hold hope that perhaps, finally, something will happen. Something that ends this senseless loss of lives. Something that shows we care more about human beings than money and gun rights and politics and power.

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16 Responses to “My thoughts following the Uvalde school shooting”

  1. beth Says:

    thank you for this ❤

  2. cheryl schrader Says:

    As was stated by a respected statesman the Congress and Senate are not going to do anything meaningful the Supreme Court is not going to do anything all we have left is the people need to speak thru voting and even better getting active through the process whatever one’s comfort level is or not

  3. This incident was a mess from the start. The whole incident is outrageous. The governor lied during his press conference about the facts.. The police chief lied. Three officers ran in and saved their own children. Where is the outrage from the Republicans in Congress?!

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. There just seems to be too many of these incidents lately in the news. I know I certainly hold my family and friends closer as well as have my head on a swivel while out and about. Earlier this week on the way into work there was major police activity near my work place and this area has a senior living complex, park, and elementary school. I parked and quickly got into the work building due to it being secured. I checked the active calls and an abduction was in progress. Just scary! Have to have your wits about you and constantly check your surroundings. Makes it hard when you are just going about your daily life and just wanting to enjoy and relax. We were talking about this a while back at work as many of us are single ladies heading into work and pretty much do not get cash from the ATM anymore, pumping gas more aware, not going into fitting rooms or using public restrooms when alone, etc. You have to live your life though too. I think there just has been so much lately coming at us with these incidents, the pandemic, etc. I still cannot wrap my head around that someone can have this much hatred and violence, especially to do such harm to innocents. Just breaks my heart. Take Care – love and hugs.

    P.S. Thanks to all those that are serving and have served – Happy Memorial Day. I have been rocking the red, white and blue lately.

    • What scary moments for you earlier this week, Renee. I am sorry that this happened.

      You are right. We all need to be more aware. You’re right, too, that we need to live our lives. But be aware. Care.

      I agree that there’s been so much coming at us in recent years. I really dislike the rise in hatred, the spread of disinformation, the perpetuating lies, the don’t care about anyone attitudes that seem so prevalent.

      Please check my blog tomorrow as I reflect on Memorial Day. Thank you for rocking your red, white and blue and for honoring our service men and women with your words of gratitude.

  5. Valerie Says:

    I think we’ve lost a lot of common sense…doesn’t it make sense to have stricter background checks? Does anyone really need assault weapons?

  6. Sandra Says:

    Poignant tribute, spot on emotions, frustrations. I was in the air over Denver as Columbine was happening April, 1999. The airport was like frozen in place as the news broke. Our national sensitivity to such school attacks was just beginning. The following several community days was another eerie experience the human condition never recovers from. The entire Denver metro area. My cousin just posted 11 assault rifle events since ’99. Columbine was a bomb dud turned rifle event, now doesn’t make the list. Still the debate of what is/isn’t an “assault” weapon goes on. Rapid fire, it’s assault…duh. As I’m probably in the last decade of my life and my teacher daughter will hopefully be retired before we arm teachers – and we will – all I can do is pray with others. One stat I saw, 45K die of gun related cause each year. My pheasant hunting German father in his own inimitable way would roar “Ach WHAT?!!” Common sense, indeed. God help us all.

  7. It’s heartbreaking and so sad and frustrating that it keeps happening, but I disagree. I think that we are a country full of unhealthy people in mind, body, and soul. People need to take a step back and include faith in every aspect of life. There are too many people with no respect for others or themselves.

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