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My way of dealing with Minnesota gloom October 16, 2009

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Nothing like cheery packaging to brighten your mood.

Nothing like cheery packaging to brighten your mood.

THIS SEEMS RATHER PATHETIC. But yesterday I purchased three boxes of Kleenex® brand tissue based on the cheery packaging. No subdued decorator colors for me. Rather, I chose a box dotted with vivid hues of pink, green, yellow, orange, purple and blue. The other two boxes were imprinted with happy monkeys romping in a jungle of funky flowers.

These colors complement none of the décor in my home, except my daughters’ vacated lavender bedroom with the green closet doors. And I don’t even need tissues in that room.

So, why then, would I opt for these “look-at-me-I’m-a-Kleenex®-box” designs?

If you live in Minnesota, you would understand. For the past week, we have resided in a state of dreary gray skies, premature snowfall and cold.

I am sick of this weather. Already.

Give me sunshine and warmth, not clouds and freezing temperatures. My mood seems to match the weather, and that worries me. Months of cold and snow and gloom loom ahead. Five months more of this stuff, minimum, I figure.

Not everyone, I realize, feels as I do. Take the guy I saw jogging last night, in the dark, at 7:45, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt in 35-degree temperatures. Was he crazy? I thought so.

Or am I the crazy one, buying boxes of brightly-colored Kleenex® brand tissues to lift my spirits?

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