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Friday flowers October 30, 2009

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DO YOU EVER WISH for a bouquet of flowers to lift your spirits or simply to celebrate?

I do.

So with that, I’d like to introduce a new feature on Minnesota Prairie Roots. Each Friday I will give away virtual “Friday flowers” to deserving individuals.

These will go to those who deserve recognition or thanks, who need uplifting/encouraging or who are celebrating. It’s as easy as that.

Kind of.

You too can submit “Friday flowers” requests to me either via e-mail (if you have my address; sorry, I’m not publicly divulging it) or via the comment option on this blog site. If you submit via a comment, I will simply pull the necessary information from your comment, incorporate it into my “Friday flowers” blog and then delete your comment.

To protect privacy, I ask that you submit only first names for “Friday flowers” recipients. I will review all requests and reserve the right to decline any requests.

Submission deadline is Wednesday of each week.

Then, each Friday, check to see who has received virtual “Friday flowers” on my blog. If I posted a request from you, let the recipient know by referring him/her to Minnesota Prairie Roots.

My goal here is to show gratitude and compassion to others and to celebrate the joys in life.

Lake Harriet flowers

My first "Friday flowers" image comes from Lyndale Park Gardens near Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. I toured the beautiful gardens this past summer.

TO KICK OFF “Friday flowers,” I am sending virtual flowers to:

My friend Jenny, who is turning 45 today. Thirteen years ago Jenny put aging into perspective when she told me, on my birthday, “Well, it’s (your 40th birthday) better than the alternative.” I’ve never forgotten Jenny’s sage words.

My sister Monica, whose husband is undergoing surgery this morning to “fix” toes crushed in a work-related accident about a month ago.

Edell, my editor at Midwest Mix Magazine. Her 31-year-old brother died recently from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

A dear high school friend, Sharon of Wyndmere, N.D. Sharon became a grandma last Saturday, when her daughter, Miranda, gave birth to Colton Joseph. This proud “Mammie” (as Sharon calls herself) has shared some 30 pictures of her adorable 7-pound, 8-ounce grandson with me. Colton has so much hair that he looks ready for his first haircut already.

All of the mothers who must warn their children about the convicted child murderer and rapist moving into my neighborhood in two weeks. He served only 10 years in an Ohio prison for assaulting and killing a 19-month-old boy. This has been a difficult week for all of us, especially as we ask, “Where is justice for this child?”

My friend Lisa, who knew I was having a trying day yesterday and offered to lend me her copy of Liar Liar with Jim Carrey. Instead, I watched The Office last night and laughed. Check out Lisa’s website at http://lisamboltsimons.com.

Milo, president of the Faribault Diversity Coalition, who is organizing efforts to “Bring Warm Clothes” to those in need in the Faribault community. See http://faribodiversity.blogspot.com.

SO THAT’S HOW “Friday flowers” works. This concept may need some tweaking. I’d love to hear your feedback, meaning send me your comments and your suggestions for “Friday flowers.” Please tell me why your suggested recipient needs or deserves virtual flowers.

Remember, the weekly deadline is Wednesday. And please, only one “Friday flowers” request per week.

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