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Let’s do some trapunto in a loge November 17, 2009

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“SCREEN, PROJECTOR, POPCORN, tickets, reel …,” we shout in rapid-fire chaos, our voices overlapping each other.

Lyda, Billie Jo, Kim and I are listing items found in a movie theater. As sand funnels quickly through a miniscule hourglass, we futilely grasp for words. “Sticky floors, pop, aisle, back-row neckers…,” we offer.

Then the sand stops flowing and our time to list 10 “things in a movie theater” expires.

Among the theatrical objects we missed—loge.


No one knows the word. So I am assigned to research loge and report back at our next Family Game Night.

Another round of the board game Outburst finds us yelling words that fit the definition of “arts and crafts.” We are confident this time. “Knitting, crocheting, calligraphy, weaving, embroidery, macramé, painting, quilting, candle-making, sewing….,” we spew at the opposing team of Randy, Tammy, Vivian and Chad.

But alas, we have missed trapunto.


I am asked to research that word too and Billie Jo suggests I also teach our group the art of trapunto. I don’t think so. Julia tentatively offers to teach trapunto, even though she has no idea what this craft might be.

Well, Julia and you other board gamers, I did my homework. Trapunto is Italian for “to embroider.” It involves sewing through several layers of fabric and batting to create a decorative, quilted piece.

As for loge, that’s French for “a box in a theater.”

Who would have thought that our monthly Family Game Night at church would include lessons in Italian and French? I thought we were there just for the food, fellowship and fun.

© Copyright 2009 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


2 Responses to “Let’s do some trapunto in a loge”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Well, that just sounds like fun. I might have to buy the game for one of my best, word-loving friends.

    • Audrey Kletscher Helbling Says:

      Kristin, I would highly-recommend Outburst for your word-loving friends. I always gravitate toward word games like Scrabble and Apples to Apples, maybe because I actually stand a chance of winning. Forget strategical games like Risk or chess. And I’m a bit too shy to enjoy charades.

      Readers, be sure to check out Kristin’s Washington, D.C.-based “Candy sandwich” blog. Her writing is among the best I’ve read. Thoughtful. Engaging. Kristin’s words flow seemingly effortlessly. You’ll feel as if you are right there, with her.

      And, yes, Kristin has Midwest ties. She has family living in Minnesota.

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