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Birthday wishes and flowers from Minnesota Prairie Roots November 20, 2009

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TODAY MARKS my fourth Friday of presenting virtual flowers to those deserving of recognition, gratitude, celebration or encouragement.

All week I am considering possible names for this list. It’s been a good thing for me, focusing on others and then, through this giving of virtual Friday flowers, sharing my care, thanks or congratulations.

Try this approach in your life. Thinking about others first, before self, is good for the soul.

So…, here are the recipients of November 20 virtual Friday flowers from Minnesota Prairie Roots:

Windowbox flowers photographed at Munsinger Garden along the Mississippi River in St. Cloud are this week's featured Minnesota Prairie Roots Friday flowers.

My daughter, Miranda, who celebrated her 22nd birthday earlier this week. Miranda is a free-spirited, intelligent, kind-hearted, Spanish-speaking (English too) Christian woman who loves to dance salsa, yearns to return to Argentina (where she lived part of last year), and works hard at whatever she does. When Miranda sets her mind to do something, she will accomplish it. In addition to those admirable qualities, she’s also a gifted writer. I especially like that Miranda still allows me to call her Tib, after curly-haired Tib in Maud Hart Lovelace’s Betsy-Tacy book series. Feliz cumpleaños, Miranda! I love you.

Virgil, a friend I deeply respect and value for his caring ways, his array of knowledge, his generosity, his strong faith and his appreciation for the world God has created. He has been a blessing to me and my family and to many, many others.

My friend, Billie Jo, whose daughter, Nevaeh (that’s “heaven” spelled backwards), turned three the same day my daughter turned 22. Billie Jo is one of those people you just love to be around because of her joyfulness. She’s funny, upbeat, friendly, kind, creative and more. Among other things, Billie Jo coordinates the monthly Family Game Night at our church. If you look in our church directory, you’ll see Billie Jo and her family photographed in seasonal headwear like bunny ears and a Santa cap. That’s so “Billie Jo” to show her creative side in a conservative Lutheran church directory.

Artificial roses photographed at the Rice County Steam and Gas Engines craft show near Dundas in September.

NEXT, I want to follow up on a virtual Friday flowers bouquet that I gave to 85-year-old Bob last week. I’d only met Bob once and didn’t even know his last name. Still, the sincere appreciation he showed for the local public library made him worthy of Friday flowers. I wanted to tell Bob about the honor I bestowed upon him. So I tracked him down, at the library. I handed Bob a print-out of my November 13 Friday flowers post. He thanked me several times before carefully folding the paper and placing it inside his shirt pocket. In that brief exchange, I felt as if Bob had just given me a dozen roses.

FINALLY, CONSIDER SUBMITTING your nominations to me for virtual Friday Flowers. I’m always seeking deserving recipients. Just e-mail me or submit a name via a comment and I will consider your request. Weekly deadline is Wednesday.

© Copyright 2009 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


2 Responses to “Birthday wishes and flowers from Minnesota Prairie Roots”

  1. Virgil Says:

    Hi Audrey: Thanks for the flowers, the first time I have received flowers via internet. I really appreciate the honor.
    I caught up with your articles one day last week. Enjoyed the mouse one and all the others also.

    • Audrey Kletscher Helbling Says:

      You’re welcome for the flowers, Virgil. You absolutely deserve them.

      Glad you enjoyed my posts and especially the mouse tales. For some reason, others find my meetings with mice to be quite amusing. I can laugh only after the fact.

      Say, Virgil, don’t you travel to a warmer climate in the winter? Perhaps you have room for a few additional snowbirds with four feet and skinny tales.

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