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Oh, to be young again and dropping eggs down a laundry chute February 8, 2010

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Eggs are for more than eating.

MY DAUGHTERS, both in their early 20s, sometimes share snippets of their lives that make me a bit jealous of their youthful exuberance.

Take my eldest, who drove down from south Minneapolis on Sunday. A few hours into her visit, Amber asks to use her brother’s laptop. She wants to show us something on her Facebook page. I’m not on Facebook and wouldn’t have a clue how to use it, if I wanted. And I don’t want.

But back to the point. Amber proceeds to show us a hilarious video of her friend James lying on the floor of her basement laundry room, cup clenched in mouth, attempting to catch eggs dropped through a first-floor laundry chute.

Tim is dropping the egg yolks and, on the third try, hits the target. Maybe you have to see this clip to appreciate the humor. But it’s pretty darned funny. Once the task is completed, Tim and James stand side-by-side with bottles of laundry detergent, mimicking a television commercial. Their friend David, who is among the creative talent at a Minneapolis-based ad agency, suggests the laundry commercial.

As I’m viewing the egg episode, I’m thinking two things: How did Tim come up with this idea to drop eggs down a laundry chute? Secondly, if tweaked a bit, this clip is just odd enough and funny enough to work as a detergent or stain removal ad.

Now, on to daughter number two, who is a college student in Wisconsin. Recently, Miranda participated in a photo scavenger hunt during a friend’s birthday party. Among the craziest of images needed was a picture of team members petting a cow. Unlike their competitors, who aim directly for the toy section of a major retailer, Miranda and crew head for, no, not a Wisconsin farm, but for the meat department in a grocery store. Their photo depicts a slab of beef, sans cow. Had I been the judge, I would award extra points for creative thinking.

Another photo requirement calls for them to beg a French fry from a stranger. So the team drives to a fast food restaurant, spies a group of high school boys and asks for a fry. They get the single potato slice and permission to dip it in ketchup, earning them extra points.

I could tell you more about that photo scavenger hunt, but those details involve an old man dancing in a bar, the YMCA song and a parked car. Nothing criminal, nothing bad, but just better left unsaid.

Oh, to be 20-something again, chasing cows in Wisconsin, dropping eggs down a laundry chute…

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