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Making a Paris Hilton type fashion statement in Florida February 24, 2010

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WHO NEEDS PARIS Hilton with her fashionable purse-size, crook-of-the-arm accessorizing dogs when you have the people of Florida?

I mean, look at this fashionable couple pushing their fashionable, and I assume spoiled, dogs in strollers at an outlet center between Naples and Fort Myers.

They caught the attention of passersby and the paparazzi, aka my oldest daughter and her friend, Laura, who snapped this image. The vacationing Minnesotans, who would have preferred warm weather (they got 60 degrees) and the beach to people and dog-watching at the mall, found the quartet rather amusing.

Maybe I should tell them to stake out The Fashion Bug in Dundas, next to Kmart. Several years ago I was perusing the racks of women’s clothing there when a woman walked in with a purse-size dog snuggled in her arms.

And, no, she looked nothing like Paris Hilton.

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Photo courtesy of Laura, from Minnesota