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Brave Bambi and the brainless driver July 14, 2010

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Yup…until one dashes in front of the car your 16-year-old son is driving.

Fortunately, I wasn’t in the car when Bambi decided that crossing the highway would be a grand idea.

My husband, Randy, who was sitting in the passenger seat, shared the details, out of earshot of our boy. I didn’t want to inquire in our teen’s presence. He’s logging hours and practice time to try for his license. Why unduly upset him?

Rather, we praised him for his quick, and proper, response. No swerving, just braking.

By some miracle, the deer and car did not collide. Randy still can’t figure it out, says the car was as close to hitting the fawn as a vehicle can be.

But the deer wasn’t his only concern. No sooner had our son braked than his dad barked, “OK, go!”

He feared that a tailgating car would slam into the back of their car on this winding, hilly back county road between Faribault and Northfield.

That, of course, led to a discussion about distracted driving, bad driving habits (like texting and talking on cell phones) and the fact that too many people are in too much of a hurry. We ranted for awhile.

And then we pondered, or at least I pondered, what could have been if Bambi and the Brainless Driver had collided with the car driven by our son, our precious, precious son.

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