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Chains, candles, calendars & more at a rural Minnesota flea market May 26, 2013

AFTER SHOOTING 101 PHOTOS in about two hours on Saturday at the Rice County Steam & Gas Engines Flea Market, I was trying to determine how to showcase the best shots here.

So I jotted a list of subtitles and noticed a common denominator in many of the images. That would be the letter “c.” Perfect. A photo essay focusing on items beginning with the third letter of the alphabet. Hey, whatever works…

Market, 3 in a row

CAP CLAD CHILDREN and Dad CLASP hands. I just love this photo. And, yes, the weather was COLD with temps in the 50s and a WINDCHILL.

Market, clown switch plate

Among all the tools and miscellaneous junk, I spotted this CLOWN light plate switch COVER. Makes me wish I had a kid’s room to decorate.

Market, Sam

Sam from COATES, snugged in his COAT, reads CARTOONS in the back of his dad’s flea market truck. The 10-year-old COLLECTS knives and lighters.

Market, cake tins


Market, corn candle

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an actual ear of CORN. It is not. This is a CORN CANDLE CRAFTED from beexwax by Bob Draheim of Busy Bee Honey Farm, CANNON Falls. He made a mold from a real ear of CORN. How COOL is that?

Market, chain guy

I suppose when you purchase CHAINS, the easiest way to CART them around, if you don’t buy the yellow CART in the background or don’t own the red CHEVY Suburban, would be to toss the links across your back and shoulders.

Market, calendar

My husband, who works as an automotive machinist at the NAPA store in Northfield, COVETED this $30 NAPA CALENDAR gripped by the vendor after the wind tore it from her hands.

Market, coal price list

An unusual flea market find: a COAL price list. Who knew there were so many types of COAL?

Market, food wagon

Hungry shoppers, including one in a COWBOY hat, line up for CHOW (aka burgers and brats) from the Northfield Knights of COLUMBUS food wagon.

Market, t-shirt

CLOTHING, including this t-shirt sporting the Rice County Steam & Gas Engines motto, were on sale in the CLUB’S office.

FYI: Click here to view a previous flea market post and check back for two more posts. One will feature my flea market purchases.

The flea market runs until 5 p.m. today. Maybe. Significant rain is falling in the area, perhaps enough to fold up the flea market. You may want to contact a club officer before traveling to this event today.

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