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Gold Bond Stamps memories December 27, 2013

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Photographed this past summer in Rossville, an unincorporated village in Allamakee County in northeastern Iowa.

Photographed this past summer in Rossville, an unincorporated village in Allamakee County in northeastern Iowa.

THROUGH THE FILTER OF MY MEMORY, I picture her seated at the kitchen table, booklets spread before her on the stiff floral oilcloth.

She’s licking strips of Gold Bond Stamps, carefully placing them within a paper grid.

Fill the booklet and she can redeem the coveted stamps for merchandise. Except I cannot remember anything my mom ever got with those stamps.

Rather, I recall the stockpiling of stamps, watching her and, occasionally, myself, running my tongue along the glue then meticulously positioning those precious golden rectangles upon paper.

Oh, the memories of Gold Bond Stamps.

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34 Responses to “Gold Bond Stamps memories”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Those and S&H Green stamps……….I finally got smart and used a wet cloth to moisten the stamps!!!!! I got lots of “stuff” with them (in fact, we are still using the avocado green bath scale!!!!!). Oh the memories…..LOL!

  2. Shirlee Iverson Says:

    I am constantly struck by the parallels in your memories and mine. I grew up in southern Minnesota in the 50s and 60s in a small Norwegian Lutheran community. This Gold Bond Stamp picture really took me back. Did your mother do Green Stamps, too? I loved the promise of untold riches as we pasted all those little stamps into the books.

    Thank you for your beautiful pictures and sharing your memories.

    • Shirlee, you are most welcome. Yes, my mom also collected the green stamps. I like your phrase “the promise of untold riches.” I think that’s how my mom must have felt pasting those stamps into those booklets. She could get items she would not otherwise be able to afford.

  3. I think my grandmother had green stamps back in the day – way to long ago and little at that time too! I do remember her throughout the years stockpiling promotional items (i.e. doughboy figures, milk carton holders, magnets, bottle openers, etc.).

  4. Jackie Says:

    I remember…. one year mom got all our Christmas presents with those stamps, I also remember a coffee pot she purchased. Audrey you should ask your mom if she remembers any of the things she bought, might stir up some fond memories 🙂

  5. Wow – haven’t thought about those stamps in years. We used to collect merchant’s green stamps. My mom gave us books of them when we got married and we got our first stainless flatware with those. Fun to remember those times.

  6. hotlyspiced Says:

    I’ve never heard of these stamps. What were they used for? xx

  7. Beth Ann Says:

    I remember S & H green stamps but not Gold Bond stamps. I also saved Betty Crocker coupons and that is how I got our flatware when we got married. 🙂

    • Oh, yes, Betty Crocker coupons. I remember those, but I don’t think my mom saved those.

      • Deb Says:

        We also saved all three…my 2 sisters and I would fight over who got to lick the stamps! lol I remember turning them in at the Gold Bond store and getting a Cosco step stool for the kitchen and a card table with chairs set one time, another time it was a bathroom scale.
        I still have my flatware from Betty Crocker and use it each day! MKy Mom gave me all of hers when we got married.
        What great memories!
        P.S. My favorite “collectible” was the the thermal cups/glasses ad bowls (ones with the basketweave inside and many colors) from the milkman, cottage cheese, cream, butter and other things came inside them!

      • Now that you mention it, I think I fought with my siblings, too, over who got to lick and place the stamps in the books.

        What great memories you have of items “purchased.”

  8. Marilyn Says:

    S&H was the brand my Mother saved [was it used by stores other than Krogers?], but I knew about other saving stamp brands. My Mother used her S&H to get my everyday Melmac dinnerware for a wedding present and used her Betty Crocker coupons (also asked friends and her mother/my grandmother for more coupons) to get my stainless cutlery set. Both sets still in daily use, but I only have 4 plates, 2 bread&butter plates & the cups and saucers left – we have always used mugs instead of the dinky cups. The cutlery was augmented by a fantastic ‘find’ in a Calif. thrift store about 5 years ago. I had lost a few pieces over the years, but now I have extras / more than the original 8 of everything.

  9. I have no idea what you’re talking about!

  10. Allan Says:

    Audrey, and other readers, do you remember the stamps that Erickson’s Bros Gas stations, (now Holiday) gave out with the purchase of gasoline? Mom and Dad loved them, as a book got filled, they would go into the station and buy great stuff, radios, dinnerware, blankets, etc. The stations did not have groceries at that time, but had stock of sporting goods stuff and the other fore mentioned items. The Erickson Bros gas stations were usually quite small, but loaded with stuff everyone was attracted to. Good memories of yore. I will bet that not one person will remember this or what I am talking about. Guess I am too old, and your readers all all too young. 🙂

  11. Lanae Says:

    Audrey, I think Ma-Cat got those ugly white and brown lamps for the new house with stamps. What a fun time it was to lick the backs of those stamps.

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