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Transforming the winter landscape February 17, 2014

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LACKING COLOR; colorless.

White dominates the Minnesota landscape this time of year. I don’t need to tell you that if you live here. Just look outside right now. Snow. More snow today. Like me, you’ve probably had enough of winter.

It’s easy to become visually depressed, eye weary of the mostly colorless landscape. You yearn for pops of color to brighten this drab environment, to lift your spirits.

Via the magic of photo editing, I’ve transformed some rather ordinary winter scenes into works of art. Oz they’re not. But the simple act of manipulating these photos into watercolor or paint-by-number style images shifted my mood. I hope they do yours, too.

A ridge of plowed snow edges a country road near Montgomery, Minnesota.

A ridge of plowed and drifted snow edges a country road near Montgomery, Minnesota.

A farm site near Montgomery lost in a sea of snow.

A farm site near Montgomery in a sea of snow.

Love this sturdy barn, also near Montgomery.

Love this sturdy barn and silos, also near Montgomery.

Machinery, seemingly abandoned in the snow.

Machinery, snowed-in.

© Copyright 2014 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


23 Responses to “Transforming the winter landscape”

  1. Oh, you’re inspiring me to play today with this fun bunch of photos you’ve altered!

  2. Love how you change up your photos:)

  3. ljhlaura Says:

    I think snow is beautiful. It simplifies the landscape. I guess it’s easy for me to be idealistic about snow, though, living in Central Texas. I did enjoy your photos!

  4. Jackie Says:

    Your “machinery snowed in” photo is beautiful, but you know me, just good old white winter with lots and lots of snow is per beauty to me.

    • That was my favorite pic, too. And, yes, I know you and your love of white. You must be thrilled with today’s snowfall. You wanna come and help dig me out?

      Daughter number two ran into the ditch after hitting a slick patch on a roadway en route to a rural Wisconsin hospital for work this a.m. Her car skidded, spun into the oncoming lane of traffic and ended up in the ditch on the opposite side of the road, facing the opposite direction from which she was traveling. She is apparently OK as is her car, although I’ve advised her to watch for medical problems that may not show up immediately and also to get her car checked for problems of which she may be unaware. Fortunately there was no oncoming traffic and she landed on the side of the road without telephone poles. She feared her car was going to roll, which it did not. She had to exit through her window as snow was banked against her door. Yes, it was an unsettling morning. We are grateful for guardian angels protecting her.

      • Jackie Says:

        Oh dear, I’m so glad she’s ok, what a scary episode for both daughter and mom, It must be so hard to be so far away at times like this. I pray every morning for safe travels for my kids…. Brianna got hit last week, someone pulled out in front of her as she was traveling down a smaller road, luckily she was ok…the car survived but is in need of some fixing up. I’m thankful the good Lord is watching out for our kids 🙂 Stay safe and warm 🙂

      • Oh, Jackie, so sorry to hear Brianna’s car was hit, but grateful she is OK. The good Lord certainly does watch over our “kids,” doesn’t He? It’s a good thing He never tires of hearing a mama’s prayers, isn’t it?

        Yes, being 300 miles away is tough during times like this and that time last September when Caleb was 1,300 miles away in Boston in the ER.

  5. treadlemusic Says:

    I hope you keep playing!!!!!! Hugs………….

  6. Weather is getting to tiring….the morning was awful, with sun and warmth this afternoon helping a bit.
    I think the plows got lost around here!!!

    • I can only imagine how you are itching to get in your garden. I spent an hour shoveling snow today and then the husband worked for an hour, too, after getting off work. Sigh. I hope the plows make it to your neighborhood soon.

  7. Thread crazy Says:

    Great pictures of the snow – love the barn – looks comfy and warm!

  8. hotlyspiced Says:

    I’m so sure you must be so sick of the bleak landscape, not to mention the cold! Winter is so long in your part of the world. We complain about it here and it’s only a few weeks! xx

  9. Anything to make the world a little less depressing! 🙂 They say we’ll get 3 inches today…with 40 mph winds. If so, I don’t want to have to go pick up the kids!

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