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Go fly a kite April 15, 2014

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Sign in the window of Horsfall's Lansing (Iowa) Vareity. Photographed in July 2013.

Sign in the window of Horsfall’s Lansing (Iowa) Variety. Photographed in July 2013.

THERE ARE DAYS when I’d like to share exactly what’s on my mind. I’d spew: “Go fly a kite!”

And some days I’d like to fly a kite—to stand on the edge of a stubbled alfalfa field, ball of string gripped in one hand, kite in the other. I’d run like the wind (although I’ve always wondered how the wind runs) with kite held high until the breeze catches and carries her upward.

I’d stop then, plant my feet upon the earth, feel the tug of wind on cotton cord as the kite dips and soars high above me in frenzied flight.

Ah, to be so free and fearless, unencumbered by the weight of misspoken and unspoken words.

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