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Faribault: Still rooted in the rural August 18, 2014

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I LOVE THAT I LIVE in a community which, although becoming more and more urban in size, maintains a small town rural feel.

Car Cruise Night in historic downtown Faribault.

Car Cruise Night in historic downtown Faribault.

Faribault presents a charming downtown in its historic buildings and many locally-grown shops.

Occasionally, tractors and combines rumble along the arterial street past my house. Just last week I observed a pick-up pulling a wagon stacked with freshly baled hay.


Hay bales in pickup, back view


And then the other evening, when pulling into a downtown parking lot for the monthly Faribault Car Cruise Night, I spotted a pick-up truck packed with hay bales.


Hay bales in pickup, side view


My native prairie farm girl eyes delight in sights like this—reminders that folks still work the land and that Faribault is more than just another city of some 23,000 or so situated along the interstate.


Hay bales in pickup, back and side view


Despite its growth, my community remains rooted in the rural.


PLEASE CHECK BACK for photos from two area car shows.

Also, thank you to Red Wing photographer Dan Traun who, through his stunning photography, has taught me to look in unexpected places (like a parking lot or alley) for photo opportunities. I’ve never met Dan, but I admire and have studied his images on his photoblog. I’d encourage you to check out this talented Minnesota photographer’s work by clicking here.

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