Minnesota Prairie Roots

Writing and photography by Audrey Kletscher Helbling

How I spent my Mother’s Day May 10, 2015

Heading here:

Airport, sign



Airport, terminal 1 sign


Waiting here (for an hour):


Airport, plane 1



Airport, plane 2



Airport, drivers waiting at airport



Airport, plane 3



Airport, plane 5



For this:

Airport, Delta plane landed



For these loved ones:

Marc and Amber eiffel tower



Who brought me (and my husband) this gift of Belgium chocolates:


Belguim chocolate



I hope your Mother’s Day was as great as mine with my eldest daughter, Amber, and her husband, Marc, safely back home from Europe and phone conversations with my other daughter, Miranda, my son, Caleb, and my mom, Arlene. There’s nothing more I wanted for Mother’s Day than to be with, or speak with, those I love. I am blessed.

© Copyright 2015 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


24 Responses to “How I spent my Mother’s Day”

  1. hotlyspiced Says:

    What a fantastic Mother’s Day present. I love the photo of Amber and Marc with the iconic Eiffel Tower behind them. Do let them know we have a couple of iconic structures here in Sydney worth visiting! xx

  2. treadlemusic Says:

    I am so glad to ‘hear’ you day brought you the desires of your heart!!!! Mine was equally blest!!!!!

  3. Beth Ann Says:

    Yep. Perfect. What every mom wants and deserves. Glad you had a good one.

  4. Sounds like a great day. Mmm chocolate

  5. Wonderful! Both the chocolates and the safe arrival of Amber and Marc. I would have wanted you to run inside and take a picture of the airport carpet, but I already have Minnesota’s!! Glad you had a good day, Audrey.

    • Never stepped inside Terminal 1, only onto the sidewalk outside. Pick-up was gridlock, so I leapt from the car and went to find Marc and Amber to lead them to our car. Crazy busy place when their plane landed along with several other international flights. So at least I do not need to feel guilty about not photographing that carpet for you.

      I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  6. Well worth the wait, I would say!! Happy that your Mother’s Day was a special one for you Audrey.

  7. Jackie Says:

    Sounds like a very nice Mother’s Day! With kids spreading their wings, it’s just not as easy to have them all together at the same time. Hearing their voices and nice having a conversation is the next best thing. Hope your mom is doing well, I’m sure she loved your call to her!

    • If my kids are all together once a year now, I consider that a blessing. I don’t like that we can’t be together more often. But when they are scattered from Minnesota to eastern Wisconsin to Boston, it’s nearly impossible to be together. So, yes, often I must settle for phone conversations. And that works, too. I call Mom every Sunday evening. If I’m late, she starts to worry.

  8. shalilah2002 Says:

    Yes it’s nice to hear from your children.

  9. Don Says:

    Mothers Day at our house was fantastic too! Weather was clear and warm and the kids maintained a tradition I started many years ago. For Mothers day I buy Lilies. After enjoying them in the house far a few days the flower is transplanted into an outside flower bed. Being that the flower is a perennial they come up year after year. I began this tradition over 18 years ago when I would buy my wife and mother each a lily flower of different colors. I now buy for my grown daughter and the grandkids give them to her with the understanding that the flower will go into my home flower beds! As the years flew buy and my kids (and now grandkids) grew older they carried on this tradition and now the flower beds on two sides of the house are full. My mother passed away years ago but every spring her Lilies come up and bloom in vibrant colors along with those of my wife and now my daughters.

  10. Sweet Posy Dreams Says:

    I spent Mother’s Day helping the son move into his first “grown-up” apartment. The first real job starts June 1. After having him home for six months after graduation, my Mother’s Day was spent becoming an empty nester again. Glad your daughter is back in the U.S. safe and sound.

  11. Neil Says:

    Wow! I can’t believe that they flew all the way to Europe just to get you Belgian chocolates for Mother’s Day. They sure love you a lot!

  12. Sartenada Says:

    Wow. This was incredible Mother’s Day present! We love Belgian chocolates very much and it is sold here in Finland also. We cannot eat much due to our weight control. 🙂

    If You want to see my wife’s new hobby, maybe You love it also, then…

    Have a great day!

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