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Poking around Jim’s shop in Lonsdale August 12, 2015

Jim's Antiques and Collectibles located at 108 Main Street North in Lonsdale, Minnesota.

Jim’s Antiques and Collectibles located at 108 Main Street North in Lonsdale, Minnesota.

JIM McKINNON’s BUSINESS CARD notes that he is the proprietor of Jim’s Antiques and Collectibles. I like that word proprietor. It sounds old-fashioned and cordial. Perfect in a small town like Lonsdale.

Love this sign in Jim's shop.

Love this sign in Jim’s shop.

A sign suspended from a length of twine in Jim’s shop advertises “Thrift within a vintage store.” I like that, too.

A snippet view of Jim's place.

Jim’s business is housed in a small space.

With over a dozen vendors’ goods crammed into an aged building, Jim’s shop requires poking around.

Lots of interesting goods stuffed into this space.

Lots of interesting goods stuffed into this space.

Merchandise layers merchandise. It’s that kind of store, where you have to look, and look again, or you may miss something.

An interesting print...

A print in Jim’s shop.

Jim’s shop is worth a visit as are similar shops in Lonsdale just west of Interstate 35 in southern Minnesota. While I enjoy antique malls in larger communities, I especially delight in small town businesses like those run by proprietors.

BONUS PHOTOS of merchandise in Jim’s shop:


Jim's Antiques, Mickey Mouse


Jim's Antiques, diaper pail


Jim's Antiques, bobbleheads


Jim's Antiques, duck decoy


Jim's Antiques, Tweety Bird and more


Jim's Antiques, rocking horse


Jim's Antiques, Mother of Pearl merchandise


Jim's Antiques, thermos jug


FYI: Click here to read another post about a Lonsdale antique shop.

© Copyright 2015 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


12 Responses to “Poking around Jim’s shop in Lonsdale”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    A teapot!!!! You got one in a picture this time. 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Love the rocking horse – here we go with the Treasures again – lots of great items to peruse and maybe even purchase 🙂 Oh the memories – Happy Day – Enjoy!

  3. Ooh that looks like fun.

  4. Jackie Says:

    I love to mill around in tiny jam-packed shops like this one. I noticed the have hidden red toped nut chopper, I have one like that that I inherited from my aunt.

  5. Omgosh,
    I love stores like this.
    One day I shall come visit you and we will go together!
    I’m not far!

  6. Sweet Posy Dreams Says:

    I like to browse the antique stores, but I almost never buy anymore. Too much stuff already. I am more in the get-rid-of phase of my life.

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