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You write the definition of… March 17, 2016

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Ugh...photographed at St. Olaf College


I PHOTOGRAPHED THIS three-letter word on the wall outside the Flaten Art Museum inside the Dittman Center of St. Olaf College in Northfield.

It’s meant, I believe, to be a work of art.

If you were to write a definition of ugh, what would you write?

Would you choose a standard dictionary definition? A synonym?

Or would you draw on a memory? Think of a repulsive smell or taste? Picture a creepy bug or other frightening creature? Perhaps a scene?

Go ahead. Write your definition here. Let’s see what creative thoughts those three letters—u-g-h—can unleash. (Note, your comments are subject to my editorial discretion, meaning let’s steer clear of topics like politics. This is a family friendly blog.)

© Copyright 2016 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


48 Responses to “You write the definition of…”

  1. Janelle Parry Says:

    The presidential list of candidates and the fact there seems nothing I can do about it.

  2. Dan Traun Says:

    The sound you emit when you are handed another large project at work when you are already over capacity. UGH!

  3. Ugh… That feeling I get when the alarm clock goes off before the sun has risen

  4. I believe I used this term to you the other day regarding the insanity of my life for the past few days. So my definition of “ugh” is thing after thing after thing piling up on top of each other, making me crazy!

  5. I would offer the suggestion that the word UGH,,, would or could represent anything that may be considered “distasteful”

  6. I think of hug. I think of the ugh . . . traffic that I commute to and from work in. I think of ugh . . . as utter distaste or plain annoyance that just bugs the living you know what out of you – ha! I think of ugh . . . as a non-offensive swear word. Great Post Today – Love a Little Artful Word Play! Happy Day – Enjoy 🙂

  7. Carol King Says:

    ugh = a human vocal response to anything icky

  8. Don Says:

    such as needing to give a blood sample when at the doctors office.

  9. Don Says:

    Your lucky, I hate needles!

  10. Don Says:

    I’m with you on this, modern medical technology has done tremendous things but I don’t need to see the particulars involved. I feel for you for having to go through those surgeries but I’m sure it was worth it in the long run. We have a tendency to take our health for granted. Human nature I suppose.

  11. Don Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that, my condolences to friends and family.

    When you think about it, aging is a really a great adventure and one that we all get to experience! I wouldn’t miss it for all the money in the world.

  12. WanderLost Says:

    “Ugh” is a lot of things. It’s when your professor assigns a 10 page research paper the Friday before a break and makes it due the Monday you get back. It’s when you spend hours trying to memorize lines for a play, and you still have to call, “LINE!” 20 times during a single monologue. It’s when a co-worker calls in sick, and your manager asks you to pull a double. It’s also when you get into a car, drive three hours, and realize you left your laptop charger plugged into the hotel wall. It’s something everyone can relate to. ^^

  13. “ugh.”

    What I say to my face at 6:30 in the morning before I put on my makeup!! xx

  14. Mike Says:

    For me UGH…. is that feeling you have after Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s house. You’re stuffed full of turkey and seeking that nap. Then suddenly, your cousins want to play. Ugh…

    • You are bringing back memories with your comment. I remember eating too much of a “little lunch” at family birthday/anniversary gatherings with aunts, uncles and cousins. Consuming summer sausage sandwiches, dill pickles, and too many bars, all washed down with Kool-Aid, proved unsettling for the stomach. Especially given the midnight hour. Do you have similar memories?

      • Mike Says:

        Sooo much summer sausage!!! That was always around at Grandmas. Also the bars. My Aunt and Uncle bought the farm from Grandma and lived in the house that he built right across the yard. I’d eat lunch at Grandmas then go to see my Aunt for bars. I was so bad. We didn’t have much for the kool-aid there, it was coke instead. Even worse for your stomach. UGH! LOL. Thank God for my cousins getting some exercise into me. I miss those summers so much now.

      • I knew you would be able to relate to my memories.

        Interestingly enough, I don’t eat sausage as an adult. Or bologna. Perhaps too much of it when I was growing up.

        We only had pop on the rare occasion of those previously mentioned birthday and anniversary celebrations with extended family. It was a treat.

      • Mike Says:

        Yes I do! Such good memories too. I can do summer sausage in if its venison, otherwise its hit and miss. Bologna, yeah I’m with you on that one. I can still eat braunschweiger though. I can’t get enough of that.

        You’re lucky, I grew to have a pop addiction that I’m currently getting rid of. I’ve resorted to kool-aid : )

      • No, no, no, not braunschweiger. I can hardly look at that, let alone eat it. Again, too much when I was a kid.

        Growing up on a dairy farm, I drank milk. Well, and plenty of Kool-Aid, too, but only in the summer. Definitely no pop addiction. Good to hear you are working on that issue. But Kool-Aid? (I know/hope you’re joking, of course.)

      • Mike Says:

        Got me! I did manage to ditch pop for the last 2 months. I grew up drinking a lot of milk. Still love it!

      • Good for you. Stay strong.

  15. Jackie Says:

    I use the word “ugh” a lot! To me it’s an expression of frustration when things aren’t going right, when I feel sad or wronged or when I just dont get why????

  16. Littlesundog Says:

    Ugh – expression of unpleasantness that one must deal with. I believe I use this term daily! 😀

  17. The natural response to a child waking up two hours too soon, on a Monday.

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