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My thoughts on motherhood after 30 years as a mom May 8, 2016

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My mother, Arlene, and me.

My mother, Arlene, and me.

IN THIS SEASON OF MY LIFE, in the year I reach a milestone decade, I have watched my eldest daughter become a mother to sweet Isabelle. This has proven a contemplative time for me as I think of my own aging mother, of my aging self, of my daughter now a mother.

Daughter to daughter to daughter to daughter, we are linked as family. Eighty-four years separate youngest and oldest.

I cannot help but feel a certain sadness in this passage of time. Wasn’t it just yesterday that my preschool daughter hovered over tulips in our front yard, observing that β€œthe flowers are opening their mouths?”

Why do I remember that? And why do I remember my mom once so fed up with her six squabbling children that she threatened to run away?

There are certain moments in motherhood that stand out: My second daughter sticking a red hot up her nose when we were decorating Christmas cookies. My son struck by a car 10 years ago, the day before Mother’s Day. The first time my eldest went on a mission trip to Texas and I struggled with this long-distance separation. The call from my second daughter that she’d been mugged while traveling in Argentina.

I joke sometimes that I should have locked my kids in the basement in an attempt to keep them safe. While that may have spared me a lot of worry and heartache, it would have been wrong. Mothers instinctively want to protect their children. But we also instinctively guide them out the door into the world.

If only I’d known then what I know now. How true that adage. To every young mom who struggles with a night owl infant, a tantrum throwing two-year-old, a defiant middle-schooler, I want to advise her that these moments are nothing. Nothing. These are manageable situations.

We never know what life will bring to our families. Joys. Challenges beyond anything we ever could have imagined. But one thing remains constant for me as a mother. I love my children today as much as the day they were born.

To all of you mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

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22 Responses to “My thoughts on motherhood after 30 years as a mom”

  1. suzanne.m.nolte@gmail.com Says:

    I love this post. Thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day to you!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Beautiful – Roots and Wings, right πŸ™‚ Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Dorothy Bowman Says:

    Of course Mothers Day is special. I am waiting for a phone call from both of my boys and their families. Did receive a photo page from Craig and of course cards also a hand written card form Grant and his family. Happy Day for you!!! enjoy that baby! Aunt Dorothy

  4. *** flowers are opening their mouths***

    gorgeous piece, Audrey.

    Bittersweet. Hopeful. Beautiful.

    ….I still want my boys back in my womb sometimes ( just so I know where they are ) xxx

  5. Beth Ann Says:

    A mother’s love is something that can not be compared to anything in the world. There is a fierce protective spirit and nurturing at the same time. No one but a mom can understand. Happy belated Mother’s Day!

  6. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day. I’d take a tantrum throwing toddler over these defiant middle schoolers any day. THIS TOO SHALL PASS

  7. Jackie Says:

    No one ever told me the worry and wonder that still continues for our children long after they become adults. I’m not sure why I’m surprised? Happy Mother’s Day Audrey, you are an awesome mom to 3 sweet children, and now Grandma…. More worry and wonder goes along with that, but the fun & happy times outwiegh it all!

  8. Sue Ready Says:

    Lovely sentiments of a mother;s observations, Hope you shared this posting with your children.

  9. Ruth Says:

    Wonderful reflections on motherhood.

  10. rebeccamabey Says:

    Like a goose on the loose! Of course locking them up sounds tempting! lol. But really, I had to get a up high bolt lock on my front door as my 3 year went outside on the front porch by herself and my 2 year old would have easily followed to run into the street! I don’t know how my grandma managed to raise 8 children of mostly wild boys without having a heart attack!

    • Our son was the same as your two. We needed to secure everything because he could figure out how to open doors, etc., at a young age. And we live along a super busy street. Yeah, I wonder how those moms did it with a whole passel of kids. The older ones often looked after the younger ones.

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