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Faribault’s newest mural depicts timeless 1950s street scene October 9, 2016



LATE SATURDAY MORNING, I stood in the parking lot next to Faribault Vacuum & Sewing Center, eyes and camera fixed upward.








On the side of the brick building in the heart of historic downtown Faribault, artist Dave Correll rolled a clear top coat across this community’s newest mural depicting a late 1950s streetscape. The large-scale painting replicates art commissioned for a Northern Natural Gas Company ad campaign decades ago. The artist is unknown, but permission was secured to reproduce the work.




It’s a stunning and vibrant piece highly visible to motorists driving westbound on Minnesota State Highway 60/Fourth Street. And it’s the eighth historic-themed mural to grace downtown Faribault.




Dave, who owns Brushwork Signs along with his wife, Ann Meillier, teamed up with Adam Scholljegerdes to design and paint the sign. Daughter Madeline Correll also assisted, traveling back from Milwaukee upon her parents’ request.




Saturday Dave worked to finish the project before a 1 p.m. dedication while Ann kept a watchful eye from below…until she climbed into a lift for a close-up view and photo opps.


This restored 1915 clock was installed on the Security State Bank Building, 302 Central Avenue, on Saturday.

This restored 1915 clock was installed on the Security State Bank Building in September 2015. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.



The Faribault Rotary Club led efforts to bring this newest mural to downtown, and fittingly so. The subject matter ties to a previous Rotary project—raising $25,000 for restoration of the Security Bank Building clock. Just a year ago, that refurbished historic clock was installed at 302 Central Avenue, 1 ½ blocks away. The clock is a focal point in the mural.




Credit for the mural subject goes to Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism President Kymn Anderson who discovered and purchased the original fifties streetscape painting. Once the Rotary mural planning team saw the art, they knew it would be perfect. And it is.




I love how this latest mural honors the 1950s history of Faribault. I appreciate the vintage street scene and its connection with the 2015 restoration of the Security Bank clock. Faribault is a community which values its past. That’s evident in projects like the clock restoration, well-kept historic buildings and historic murals. Public art expresses visible community pride. And every community needs such pride to thrive in to the future.

© Copyright 2016 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


12 Responses to “Faribault’s newest mural depicts timeless 1950s street scene”

  1. Love all the details and the pops of colors 🙂 Happy Week – Enjoy!

  2. Beth Ann Says:

    I love murals of any kind and this one is fabulous. The “unveiling” must have been fun to watch! I have a series yet to write on murals in Dothan and they just finished, hopefully, the one of Dancin’ Dave so another trip is in order to go back and see that one as well. I just need to get on the stick and get all these drafts finished. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the latest mural in Faribault with us. Love it.

    • A Dancin’ Dave mural is perfect. How is the fundraising going to get him a grave marker?

      I’m like you…so many photos and stories waiting to be published. But first I need to write and edit.

      • Beth Ann Says:

        I agree. It’s a very long story but an artist actually used one of my photos for part of it (without asking) so I have been kind of interested in how the whole mural was going to work out. We will see. The grave marker fundraising is another complicated story but I have faith that one day we will see a marker on his grave as he should have. Thanks for asking.

      • I’m sorry the artist used your photo without asking. Hopefully you got that matter addressed.

        I do hope one day Dancin’ Dave gets the marker he deserves. Thank you for caring so much about him.

  3. Don Says:

    Good job Faribault and all involved with the mural! It’s a wonderful town that appreciates the present as well as its past. It’s interesting to note the changes over time such as the street lights, parking meters, clothing styles etc. When is the last time you observed a man wearing a felt fedora type hat like the man walking under the Third St. N. sign in the mural?

  4. Kathleen Cassen Mickelson Says:

    What fun! Murals really add to a cityscape. We had friends here last week and one of the things I made sure to show them was the Bob Dylan mural in downtown Minneapolis.

  5. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    That mural is beautiful. How neat to see

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