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You know you’re in rural Minnesota when… November 3, 2016

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…you discover a sign like this at a city park.

I photographed this at Earl B. Himle Memorial Park in Hayfield, Minnesota, population around 1,300. Credit goes to my husband for spotting the sign.

Check back as I bring you a three-part series of posts from Hayfield.

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17 Responses to “You know you’re in rural Minnesota when…”

  1. sign’s sign’s everywhere is sign’s 🎶 😉

  2. Almost Iowa Says:

    Ponies are a huge problem in the Hayfield/Blooming Prairie area. We are constantly under the risk of being trampled by them. Donkeys, not so much. 🙂

  3. Almost Iowa Says:

    And may I add…. we used to live midway between Blooming Prairie and Hayfield and one could expect a pony stampede from either direction.

  4. People, dogs and skateboards are okay there I guess!

  5. Don Says:

    I understand the “NO Horses/Ponies” restriction due to the playground location. Would not want kids playing around horse/pony exhaust if you catch my drift!

  6. Don Says:

    The reality of a sign like this is what makes Rural life so out of the ordinary and interesting! I like it!

  7. The horses and ponies part cracked me up but I can see kids trying to drive ATV’s and dirt bikes… boys

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