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Patio art June 12, 2017

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THE WHITE GLOBES stretch across the patio in a string of lights creating a party ambiance.



There’s nothing remarkable really about the lights purchased years ago in the end of summer discount aisle at Target. They add a mood setting touch to our backyard and practical functionality once the sun sets.



Beyond that and the inconvenience of hanging and removing them after each usage—they’re not waterproof—I hadn’t thought much about the patio lights.



But that changed one recent evening when, relaxing in my lawn chair, I tipped my head back, eyes drawn skyward.. The white orbs glowed golden against inky blue. In that moment, I saw art.



Do you ever experience delights like that, when the ordinary transitions into something more, something so lovely that you pause and appreciate? Or, if you’re me, you dash indoors to grab your camera.

© Copyright 2017 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


32 Responses to “Patio art”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    The darkened night sky adds such mystery to such glowing ‘orbs’!!!……Definitely transports one to that glorious “Never Never Land” that gives way to all the fanciful thoughts that seem to be held ‘captive’ during daylight hours (at least for us “mature, dignified” adults……LOL LOL LOL……………….Ha!

  2. Almost Iowa Says:

    We let the birds do the decorating.

  3. I do that, too! It may be just a bee on a flower, or a leaf with tiny little ‘hairs’, or even a building or lake with different lighting effects. Life is art–and it’s beautiful to appreciate it. Dawn

  4. Jackie Says:

    Yes yes…and yes. 🙂

  5. Kathleen Cassen Mickelson Says:

    I have this mason jar with a tiny string of little white lights in it which are solar-powered and they are so sweet when they come on at nightfall. It’s one of my daily doses of delight. I know exactly what you’re talking about here. This morning, I had another moment of delight that made me simply stop when a yellow swallowtail fluttered around my head when I went to get the mail. It was after the meadow sage in our garden. I had my cellphone with me (waiting for someone to call me back) and managed to get a nice little photo.

  6. melirey96 Says:

    Beautiful I love the patio lighting. I need to replace my patio lights and I hope to find one like yours. I’m the same way. I do experience moments like that too and I also run to get my camera to share in my postings.

  7. […] My fellow blogger and photographer, Audrey over at Minnesota Prairie Roots, had a post today about finding delight in small moments, which is just what I’m talking about. Go have a look: https://mnprairieroots.com/2017/06/12/patio-art/. […]

  8. Littlesundog Says:

    I do both… sometimes I know the camera won’t do justice, and I realize that the moment was meant for me to enjoy and remember. I love those patio lights… we could use something like that on the back porch!

  9. I have to say on Friday evening that it was pretty sweet to see the sunset and then the moon rise while on a dinner boat cruise with family 🙂 Plus fireworks to top it all off!

  10. Don Says:

    I appreciate fireflies. They blink and then go dark. I try to anticipate their location and where they will be the next time they light up! Cheap entertainment I know but we don’t have them here in Alaska. As the an old ketchup commercial goes…… anticipation…………………………

  11. Valerie Says:

    I, too, try to find extra ordinary in the ordinary.

  12. Emily Brisse Says:

    I love the way you think! Such an observer (and your photos really do get better and better). You do such a good job with your blog, Audrey.

  13. They are beautiful! It’s funny how things change in different lighting. It looks like you have a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the night

  14. mamaboss9091 Says:

    Yes! It’s a beautiful sight when it happens. Something so small can change your mind’s view in seconds.

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