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This ain’t no museum July 11, 2017

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SMALL TOWNS PRESENT a visual smorgasbord of signage that often humors, delights and entertains me. While day tripping to southeastern Minnesota communities last week, I spotted numerous such signs, including this one on the front display window of Thrifty Chix in Elysian:



I confess that I’ve often been guilty of museum type viewing in shops, especially antique shops. I enjoy perusing vintage and antique merchandise that I remember with fondness from years past. Seldom do I purchase anything, primarily because of cost but also because I don’t really “need” whatever I want.

This particular sign caused me to pause and consider and, then, to laugh out loud. Humor, when used well, works for me. How about you?

TELL ME about any particularly humorous signs you’ve discovered.

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18 Responses to “This ain’t no museum”

  1. Janelle Parry Says:

    Good Morning Audrey,
    I do agree with you on humor. I have stopped in many a shop with a funny invite/name on the signage. That definately catches my interest! In the same fashion I have vowed not to enter establishments with awful or offensive ads or signage. Humor and ingenuity or a business getter in my book.

  2. Beth Ann Says:

    Cute! You know I love witty signage like this. It definitely makes me look twice at a place.

  3. Ha that is rather humorous and I’ve been guilty of doing the same.

  4. Almost Iowa Says:

    The only antique shop sign that would attract me would read: NO MUSTY ODORS OR ‘KNOCK YOU ON YOUR CAN’ CANDLE SCENTS. 🙂

    • Those would be great signs. We were in two antique shops last week that smelled musty horrible. I’ve never been in antique shops that smelled that bad. I can’t say as I’ve smelled overwhelming masking scents in antique shops. Gift shops, yes. I’m with you on not liking those overpowering scents either. The husband would be out the door just like that.

  5. Jackie Says:

    That made me chuckle as well! Just today while driving down our dirt road along the lake front cabin’s we saw a new sign in front of a cabin. Many people who own cabins name their place at the lake with something fun to call their homestead. The people who live at this cabin have the last name of “Allison”, The sign in front of their property reads…. “Allison Wonderland”

  6. My sister in law recently sent me a picture of a business’s front door that had a sign on it that read “closed for the Zombie Apocalypse!” 🙂

  7. Bernadette Thomasy Says:

    I don’t have any humorous signs to report, but I am totally guilty of browsing in shops with no intention of buying especially art galleries. How many times have I said it? “I’m just looking.”

  8. Bryn Marlow Says:

    “Sherrill’s Eat Here & Get Gas” was a long-time fixture on Highway 31 near Tipton, Indiana, until a recent highway expansion project gobbled up their location. I miss ‘em.

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