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Beyond a mother’s love July 26, 2017

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WHEN I BECAME A MOM 31 years ago, a new love settled into my heart so profound and protective and encompassing that I was forever changed.

Decades later, my care and love for my two daughters and son remain as strong as the day they were born. Sure they are independent now, living as near as an hour away and as distant as 1,400 miles. But they are still as close as the love I hold for them.



My motherly love reaches higher than a prairie sky, wider than a prairie landscape, deeper than the prairie place that rooted me.

And just when I thought love could expand no farther, my granddaughter was born. Isabelle is nearly 16 months old now, growing into a little girl with a mind of her own. She walks with confidence, is single-word talking, cries sometimes when her mama leaves the room, offers hugs and blows kisses, loves books and brings incredible joy to my life.



At the birth of Izzy, a new love settled into my heart so profound and protective and encompassing that I was forever changed. I am a grandma smitten.

TELL ME: How has a little one (whether son/daughter, grandchild or niece/nephew) changed you?

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23 Responses to “Beyond a mother’s love”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    And what did I notice? An automatic bubble machine. Now that would have come in handy years ago. Cute pictures.

    • Yeah, isn’t that bubble machine something? The only drawback is the amount of bubble juice it consumes. But, I agree, it sure would have been handy when my kids were growing up, too.

      This was a gift to Izzy on her first birthday from her Aunt Miranda and Uncle John.

  2. OMG- Cuteness Overload this morning 🙂 I still reflect on my nephews when they were just peanuts – not sure how they grew into adults so quickly. Happy Day Indeed – Enjoy!

  3. Almost Iowa Says:

    Kids get all the cool stuff.

  4. Judy M. Says:

    I like what you wrote,” I am a grandma smitten”. That about says it all. Cute pictures of Isabelle and the bubbles. Glad that you are healing so well.

  5. Don Says:

    Normally I do not like change, however, that being said the arrival of my daughter, son, and then grandchildren OH MY what a tremendous life altering change that rocks my world to this day. I truly love this type of change bring it on!

  6. Littlesundog Says:

    I hope Greg gets a bubble machine. I did not know they existed but I think I might have to get one for Mr. T and Oscar! Adorable photos. I cannot believe how Izzy has grown!!

    • I didn’t know these bubble machines existed either until my second daughter and her husband bought this for Izzy’s first birthday. Yes, you must purchase one for Mr. T and Oscar. And Greg must have one, too.

      Yes, Izzy has really grown. She’s way above average in height; she has a tall tall daddy.

  7. Jackie Says:

    Izzy is darling, all those things you say about about love for your children and grands…. I second that! Sometimes it’s almost “too much”, I really do feel like my heart might burst.

  8. Valerie Says:

    Love, love, love the Izzy in the bubbles!

  9. jhc1218 Says:

    I never understood the unconditional love from my parents until I had children of my own, and I have come to appreciate them even more. Now, I’m the one telling my kids they will never understand how much I love them until they have kids of their own (if they want and are able to). Five years ago today I came to realize that mother’s love is not finite when my little one came into the world.

  10. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    Izzy is such a doll. I can’t even put into words how much my life has changed since my oldest was born.

  11. As a new Nana, I relate! The birth of my granddaughter opened a new place in my heart!

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