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Time for a positive focus August 18, 2017

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MY THOUGHTS WEIGHED heavy earlier this week. So today I focus on the positive.

It is important in the midst of chaos, unrest and discontent to reconnect with whatever brings you joy, peace and purpose.


Four generations: Great Grandma Arlene, Grandma Audrey, Mother Amber and baby Isabelle, all together for the first time in July 2016. This photo represents the love of family to me. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2016.


I find my joy in my family,


A snippet of Jesus’ face in a stained glass window at Trinity Lutheran Church in Faribault. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.


peace in my faith,


Photography and writing are my passions. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.


and purpose in my passions.


This image of a boy feeding ducks in Morehouse Park, Owatonna, Minnesota, exudes pure and simple joy to me. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo November 2016.


May you find your place of contentment, your sense of peace, your happiness in life. You are worth it.

TELL ME: Where do you find yours?

© Copyright 2017 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


24 Responses to “Time for a positive focus”

  1. Marilyn Donnell Says:

    Beautiful thoughts to remind us of what really counts in life: family, faith, joy, creativity. Thanks.

  2. Lynne King Says:

    I too, find my peace and contentment in my family and photography. I return “home” to Indiana as much as I can to recharge, refocus and reconnect with family and childhood friends. My passion is photography and I find it centers me. I take photos of wildlife, nature and whatever touches my soul. One day it will be an abandoned farm, the next, it will be a baby Sandhill crane!

  3. Soooo appreciate the POSITIVE this morning 🙂 My work profession works pretty closely with the pulse of the media/news and it can be exhausting at times. I take at least one day a month to make time for myself to do what I love and/or nothing at all. I find passion, joy, happiness, etc. in photographing, writing, exploring, etc. Happy Weekend – Enjoy!

  4. Audrey, I just love your photos! The one of your family is awesome. I lovelovelove the one of just a piece of Jesus’ face. That one, you should sell! It’s beautiful!

    • Thank you, Penny. I have sold that Jesus face image to Catholic Charities in New York for the cover of their annual report.

      NOTE: I will get back to you on your request within several days. I have a lot happening right now.

  5. Gay Lynch Says:

    Where do I go to find a sense of peace? I come here. When the world is too much, too loud, too sad. I come to your blog to see the beautiful pictures of the countryside and the real people of this world. Thank you Audrey for being there.

  6. Jackie Says:

    Like you with family, church friends and exploring with my camera.

  7. Almost Iowa Says:

    Where do you find yours?

    I find peace trailing behind Scooter on a country road.

  8. Valerie Says:

    Great post Audrey. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Gunny Says:

    Don’t ask me what it is about ducks. I find them fascinating to say the least. I do not hunt them but sometimes I feed them. I envy them at their ability to transition from air, land and to the water and they even dive in the water. True Marines of nature.

  10. —-Beautiful Photos, Audrey.
    I love the one w/ your family and CAMERA and….))) You have such passion for life, love, art.
    I find mine thru family, words, books, & GOD.


  11. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    Great pictures! That stained glass has stunning details. I agree family time recharges the inner batteries and my creativity is a wonderful positive outlet. It’s been a nice summer being somewhat unplugged from life even if I’m always behind on blog reading.

  12. Littlesundog Says:

    I’m late getting to this… I’ve been in Nebraska helping family out with various needs. It felt GREAT to be of help! I also took in the eclipse… and I cannot wait to write about the wonderful folks from Minneapolis that we met the day of the big event! 🙂 For me, being of service to others, and being out in nature are big life highs.

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