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Minnesota Vikings fan for a day plus January 15, 2018

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Chilling beer Minnesota style in the snow. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.


I CAN’T RECALL the last time I watched a professional football game on TV.

But there I was Sunday afternoon, hunkered down on the couch watching the Minnesota Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints at U.S. Bank Stadium. Yes, I suppose you might term me a fair weather fan, if that. Until yesterday, I didn’t know any of the players’ names. And until several days ago, I knew nothing of SKOL, the Vikings’ fan chant.


Vikings pride displayed atop a home in Waterville. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.


After a smashing first half, the home team seemed poised to easily win the play-off game. So Randy and I broke for supper, only to return to a stalled game and then an upset lead by the Saints. About that time I could barely bear to watch, diverting my attention instead to a John Sandford mystery.


The car of a Vikings fan photographed in Faribault. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.


Randy, though, insisted the Vikes could still win. I didn’t believe him. Then it happened, in the last play of the game. Quarterback Case Keenum fired the ball to Stefon Diggs who nearly slipped, then regained his footing and ran in for the winning touchdown. And, yes, I saw the game winning play.


US Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings, in downtown Minneapolis and site of Super Bowl 2018. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo August 2016.


With a Vikings win of 29-24, the team is now one game from competing in the Super Bowl right here in Minnesota.


My snow boots. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo.


After a bit of whooping and hollering, I launched myself from my reclining spot, grabbed by winter coat, scarf, hat and gloves, laced my boots, and stepped outside. To shovel snow.

TELL ME: Did you watch the game? Do you think the Vikings will make it into the Super Bowl?

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24 Responses to “Minnesota Vikings fan for a day plus”

  1. Littlesundog Says:

    We generally root for the Vikings, but this year have abandoned watching pro football. We haven’t missed it a bit!

  2. Go Grandma Says:

    I didn’t watch the game and I’m not a Vikings fan but still I’m super happy for all of the fans out there. I heard it was amazing and must have been fun to watch – and a win for the Vikings is a win for Minnesota. I just may watch the next game. Two of the Saints team players were at our church that morning so I did feel a tiny bit bad for them that their prayers went unanswered that day 🙂

  3. Valerie Says:

    I am the same kind of fan as you, so my husband was very surprised when I jumped out of my chair when Diggs made the touchdown!
    I’ll try to watch the next game – we’ll be out of town – but for sure we will watch the Super Bowl…and I do hope the Vikings get to play in it.

  4. Lynne King Says:

    Hi Audrey! I DID watch the game. I have not been a die hard fan, bring a native of Indiana, I always backed the Colts. Now being in Minnesota for almost 8 years, I’ve slowly come around. I still peek at the Indiana sports scores, but I was right there with all the other Minnesota fans, yelling at the TV, and whoo hoping the victory. I posted congratulations on my Facebook page. I’m hoping they make it to the Super Bowl and I hope they win. But one game at a time I guess. I’ll still be there. A Hoosier cheering a group of Vikings. SKOL!

  5. Kiandra Judge Says:

    This was also the first game of the season I watched. Baseball is my sport! But we gathered with my family and had a great time celebrating and commiserating during the game. We were all so excited with the outcome! We had an extra interest as we have met Jerick McKinnon who made the first touchdown for the Vikings. He lived a couple apartments down from us for a couple of years. Really nice guy so we were happy to see him do so well! Hopefully the winning continues next Sunday and we can Bring it Home!

  6. Sandra Van Erp Says:

    I am a tepid pro fan at best, focus on the Twins, still have shirts from our World Series wins. If nothing else going on, probably watch our team if they’re in the SB. This year’s kneeling protest, taking social protest into their workplace, is a serious turnoff. Have a godchild accepted as one of SB volunteers, so expect lots of FB feedback no matter who plays. She works so hard, happy for a bit of fun. Pro sports is an economic reality, but like so much else in this country, totally out of perspective. Our team playing the big game hosted in our towns? Como and the Arboretum will still be open. Life goes on.

  7. Kathleen Cassen Mickelson Says:

    I’m not much of a sport fan in general, unless I get to go to a baseball or soccer game, but I did watch the last quarter of the game yesterday to see that amazing finish. It was fun and I’m glad for the Vikings that they won! I’ll definitely pay attention to the game more than the commercials if the Vikes go to the Super Bowl!

  8. I saw the winning play in the sports Highlights! Thrilling! I’m a big sports fan which at times can be challenging for Cleveland area fans!

  9. Jackie Says:

    We did watch the game, Rick, Gavin and I. We we so upset with what the outcome looked to be….but then, well there was a whole lot of whooping and dancing (mostly by me). I’m really hoping the Vikings make it to the super bowl. My favorite part was during an interview after the game, Case said this…. “Third best moment of my life, after giving my life to Jesus Christ and marrying my wife.” Case Keenum

  10. Susan Ready Says:

    well i am not much of a sports fan but can be right on board with this recent victory. The next game will certainly have an enthusiastic audience and i really HOPE they can pull this one off. Even in AZ there is a huge group of Minnesotans rooting for their home team.

  11. Rosalie Quale Says:

    Jon and I both watched it, yes it did get loud at our house. I’m surely hoping for a home town Super Bowl team! TWO MORE GAMES!

  12. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    I took a nap half way through the game and missed it but I did see what happened in the next game 😩

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