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So…we got a little snow here in Faribault… January 22, 2018

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My patio and backyard photographed around 4 p.m. Monday when the snow let up for a bit. You can see the snow depth by looking at the table and the vintage lawn chairs near the tree to the left.


SNOW HAS BEEN FALLING for more than 15 hours now in Faribault with an unofficial accumulation of 14.5 inches measured on my backyard patio.


The heavy snow made for some beautiful scenery.


Love these snow-laden branches.


Strong winds plastered snow to the side of our house, for awhile completely covering the kitchen window.


Coupled with high winds, blizzard conditions continue in the region. The Minnesota Department of Transportation advises no travel along roadways like Interstate 35 from Owatonna, past Faribault to just south of the metro. For awhile today, Rice County pulled its snowplows. My husband’s commute home from Northfield along Minnesota State Highway 3 doubled in time to 45 minutes. I convinced him to leave work early, around 12:30 p.m. Conditions were the worst he’s seen on the road in 34 years of driving to and from Northfield.


Randy begins the process of clearing snow from our driveway at 4 p.m. Monday.


Now, after three hours of tag team snowblowing and shoveling, we have our driveway and sidewalk cleared and that of a senior neighbor. My back aches and I’m tired. It’s been a long time since we’ve had this much snow in one shot.



Soon I’ll kick back, watch the evening news for snowfall totals across Minnesota. And then sometime during the middle of the night, I’ll startle to the banging of a snowplow blade on Willow Street or the beep of a city plow backing and clearing the intersection.



When I awaken Tuesday morning, I’ll separate curtain panels and peer outside to see the driveway apron packed with bladed snow. And the process of clearing snow will start all over again.

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36 Responses to “So…we got a little snow here in Faribault…”

  1. Oh MY! That is a lot of snow.

  2. Bernadette Says:

    Snow creates a magic that never fails to fascinate — but hopefully, you did not have to go in it. Thanks for the lovely photos.

  3. Sartenada Says:

    Awesome snow photos, in my eyes although I live in Finland. Here kids enjoy reindeer rides and are happy with smiles on their lips.

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Go Grandma Says:

    Such a long day of digging out.

  5. Beth Ann Says:

    Holy snow storm you got a lot dumped on you. So glad Randy made it home safe and sound yesterday. I am glad you got it all cleared out but it made me tired and cold to look at the pictures. Enjoy a little warmth and a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate and a good book today. You have earned it. And take an Aleve —your back must be aching. All advice from Dr. Beth Ann.

  6. You’ve had a lot to report these past few days- snow and your championship football game! Hang in there!

  7. Littlesundog Says:

    Gasp! Those images brought back memories of Nebraska. BRR! Poor Randy… I always thought the snow pile that the grader/plow left across the driveway was the worst! It’s so much heavier and one has to heave it with much gusto. Here, snow is a novelty and I can’t wait to get out to shovel… but then we only get 4 or 5 inches at the most. Ha ha! I hope that snow you got yesterday won’t hang around very long.

    • As I write, he’s clearing that worst part of snow removal. He said I didn’t have to help, but I perhaps should have. It’s a big job. Yesterday I shoveled the piles down so he could then blow away the snow with the blower. That method worked well.

  8. It looks pretty 🙂 I do not miss bundling up to shovel/snow blow/drive in the white stuff. White sand for me please! Happy Day – Enjoy

  9. Ditto for Owatonna, only the snow plow has not made it to our street yet.

    • Well, I hope you get plowed out soon. Working from home, I assume???

      Given we live along an arterial street, ours always gets plowed quickly. Sometimes it takes longer to do the side street. But that was plowed yesterday and clear again this morning.

  10. When I see pictures like these, it makes me happy that I moved out of Oregon and into Texas! Stay warm and safe Audrey! 🙂

  11. Dorothy Says:

    We had snow and ice last week. And a few days later it was up to 70! Now it is back to our normal range of 40’s. Take care.

  12. Susan Ready Says:

    now that is an impressive amount of snowfall. My daughter loved having a snow day. Clearing the driveway and sidewalks sounded overwhelming. I heard some TC horror stories where some children didn’t get home from school until really late in the evening.

  13. Jackie Says:

    I believe NW Rochester ended up with only 9.5 inches, but that’s enough to call it a good snowstorm 🙂 The snow was so wet and heavy making it harder to clear. We also did ours several times to keep up. I’m glad you convinced Randy to come home early that day and that he arrived safely. Your backyard looks beautiful!

  14. Missy's Crafty Mess Says:

    Wow you really did get a bunch of snow.

  15. Sandra Van Erp Says:

    Over Christmas, Erie, PA got 62.9 over 4 days breaking all their records. 53 fell in 48 hrs. MN can handle this – says the person who hired a husky teen to help with a small walk but still didn’t get mail for 3 days. Maplewood got 14 this time, we usually miss the big amounts as storms go south. Sounds like you and Randy have it under control, but you’re not kidding about the heart attack snow. At least ours gets smaller in a few days if the severe cold to stays away. Enough of that. I was in CO, had two flights canceled before arriving here late Tuesday. Airport stories are another saga. And it’s only January.

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