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Celebrating my daughter on her birthday November 16, 2018

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Miranda. Minnesota Prairie Roots file photo 2016.

LOVE HOLDS MEMORIES. So many. And today I remember my second daughter, celebrating her birthday 265 miles distant in south central Wisconsin. I wish I could be with her, embracing her and telling her how much, how deeply, I love her.

But time passes and kids grow up and become adults and move on and celebrate birthdays without us. That is the reality of life. I wonder sometimes why some kids choose to stay in the place of their roots and some choose to leave. Mine left, although one daughter lives only an hour away, for which I am thankful.

Today, on Miranda’s birthday, I remember her entry into the world—on her timeline, not mine. She awakened me in the early morning hours of November 16, days before her scheduled delivery by C-section. She sent Randy and me scrambling to find someone to watch her 21-month-old sister so I could get to the hospital. I shall be forever grateful to my neighbor Cheri.

This launch into life set the tone for Miranda. She is her own person, not one who feels the need to follow the crowd. She has stood strong among bullies and strong through treatment for scoliosis and strong under administration fire as a co-editor of her high school newspaper many years ago. She stood strong through a mugging in Argentina. She stood strong while volunteering with Hurricane Katrina clean-up.

She’s compassionate and kind and loving. Miranda works in a profession that requires compassion. She is a Spanish medical interpreter. From birthing rooms to emergency rooms, she offers a calming presence to patients and their families. I admire her ability to handle whatever situation with professionalism and grace. I could not do what she does. But I appreciate that she is there for people both in moments of joy and in moments of crisis.

Miranda is also a woman of faith, of a gentle spirit. She is quiet, yet bold. Creative.

There’s so much I love about this girl of mine, who really is not mine in the sense of ownership. No one owns anyone. But the bonds of family connect us, hold us close in the infinite love of a mother for her daughter. Today my love overflows as I think of the sweet baby girl I welcomed all those decades ago. On her timeline, not mine.

Happy birthday, Miranda! I love you. Always.

© Copyright 2018 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


24 Responses to “Celebrating my daughter on her birthday”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    A sweeter tribute I have not had the pleasure of reading! “Motherhood” is not erased by miles and the longing for those tender youthful days is brought to the fore with these ‘special days’. Hugs coming your way. p.s……..it does make one wonder why one will choose a (very) close proximity to the family “nest” while another easily(?) breaks free. It happened with our eldest son and (true confession) I was the “break-away” in my family while my youngest bro remained within very few miles of the homestead (to this day).

  2. Love this tribute to your daughter. Also the statement that no one owns anyone. Happy Birthday Miranda!!

  3. Kathleen Cassen Mickelson Says:

    That is a lovely way to say happy birthday to your daughter!

  4. Valerie Says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your daughter. Happy Birthday to her.

    I acknowledge my friend’s sons birthdays to her each year…for her part in their lives!

  5. Happy birthday to Miranda!

  6. Cheryl N Says:

    Your daughter is so lucky to have you for a mother – and I hope she had a great birthday!

  7. Jackie Says:

    Those are just the sweetest word of a mother’s love for her daughter. She REALLY is a special one, such a compassionate and sensitive girl. I’m quite sure she know how much she is loved! Happy birthday to “your” Miranda!

  8. Gunny Says:

    Happy Birthday to Miranda.

  9. What a marvelous tribute to your daughter. Happy Birthday to her.

  10. Lovely girl. Sweet tribute, Audrey. ❤

  11. Bella Says:

    wow that is quite an emotional tribute and focusing on so many of Miranda’s strengths. , Such loving words for you to share. with all.

  12. B E A U T I F U L.

    She looks like you, dear Audrey!!! xxxxx

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