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Repeat: Be still January 28, 2020

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I ARRIVED A LITTLE EARLY at church Sunday for the 8 a.m. worship service, giving me extra time to view art, writing and more created by students at Faribault Lutheran School and displayed in celebration of National Lutheran Schools Week.

Once upon a time I was actively involved in that event, in planning an annual Book Fest. But that was decades ago when my kids attended FLS.

So this display offered an opportunity to reconnect, to learn more about students, classes and FLS community service projects.

As I browsed the display, my eyes landed on the art of a first grader. My mouth actually dropped. The young student drew a simple picture illustrating Psalm 46:10. That scripture emerged as “my verse” in recent months, popping up in hymns, on a handcrafted paper angel, on a print in my mom’s care center, in devotions… And now here.

As a woman of faith, I see this not as coincidence, but as God desiring to put those words before me. Words I need to see or hear or speak, to comfort me, to bring me peace, to remind me that God is always with me. In deeply challenging days—of which I’ve experienced many in the past year—I feel uplifted yet again.

TELL ME: Have you experienced a similar repetition of scripture, meaningful quotes or such in a time when you most needed them?

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28 Responses to “Repeat: Be still”

  1. Marilyn Donnell Says:

    As this picture first appeared in my inbox the bottom line was hidden. the message and picture really spoke to my heart. My day started with an urgent phone call cry for help – a friend was having a terrible start to her day. The verse that popped into my mind was, Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. I was impressed to make it a matter of constant prayer throughout the day. This little picture was a reinforcement to my prayer commitment.

  2. Beth Ann Chiles Says:

    One of the best things ever are those reminders that God is there and this picture reaffirms that for both you and me. Be still.

  3. I call these moments “here is your sign” and to be and do as well as share it with others 🙂 I also think we all can use stillness in our lives throughout the day to listen, to be, to breathe, to pause, to think, to whatever . . . Blessings My Friend – Enjoy Your Day – Take Care!!!

  4. Littlesundog Says:

    I don’t believe there are coincidences – we experience everything we’re supposed to in this life. Messages come to us all day (and night), but most people are too busy moving through their day, and often stressed because things didn’t go as planned. How can we possibly notice anything unless we live in the moment and “be still”? I believe these “messages and signs” come around as often as necessary for us to see and have understanding! We keep getting opportunities until we figure it out. Nature has been the greatest teacher of “stillness” in my life… and has played the biggest role in healing my emotional wounds.

  5. I have had this kind of experience, Audrey. Several times. I think it’s God’s way of confirming something he’s communicating to me. It’s like he’s saying “Penny, pay attention!” I think many of us have these moments and I think I did too, in my past. It’s just that, at the time, I wasn’t listening. I pay much more attention to this kind of thing now and feel incredibly blessed, knowing that God is communicating with me. ❤ ❤

  6. Brian Says:

    How wonderful to see God in action and your response to it. Thank you for your testimony Audrey and thank you Lord for Your faithfulness.

  7. valeriebollinger Says:

    I love it when God does this for us…gives us words when we need to hear or read or see in pictures or action.
    The idea of drawing pictures to go with scripture is a great way for us to understand and learn.

  8. Philip Holum Says:

    I like this verse and think that it might be meaningful to make use of the admonition every day. When something difficult occurs, maybe it would be best to stop and ponder and wait. It’s why I like the Maundy Thursday service at church when the congregation enters and leaves in silence…well, at least most of them.

    • There is definitely great value in stopping, pondering, waiting. In our church, we leave the sanctuary in silence on Good Friday. It’s powerful to exit that darkened sanctuary and contemplate the great sacrifice made on our behalf.

  9. I love how scripture comes to us in the most unexpected ways. I do love that verse, “Be still and know that I am God” ❤

    Psalm 34:18. The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. This one especially gave me comfort when Carson was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.
    My heart WAS broken and my spirit WAS crushed. I had always prayed every morning that the Lord would protect my grandkids from "horrible diseases" (and accidents)….and yet one of them was afflicted. It knocked the breath right out of me, and it took me awhile to understand how this could be, but as I continued to pray and read His word I was reminded that God knows all to well the feeling of brokenheartedness….He loved us so much that He gave His one and only Son to die on a cross for our sins…. He is close to the broken hearted, He feels our pain and sadness. He can relate!

  10. Karen Lindbloom Says:

    “Be still and know” was printed on my husband’s memorial folder at his funeral service in December 2018. It is also engraved on the marker where his urn is buried. I can’t tell you how many times that verse is popped up in different places, including your blog, since that time. It’s a reminder to me that my husband is safe in the arms of the Savior.

  11. Not scripture, but the tremendous presence of a loved that recently passed. One to say thank you for being my friend, Another, my grandmother, whose strong presence was felt sitting next to me in my car, during a particularly stressful time and drive from Detroit to New York.

    • Keith, I am so sorry for the recent loss of a loved one.

      Please know that I continue to view your incredible photos on your blog, but have not tried to comment in awhile. Last time I attempted that, my comment still was not going through. Just know that I appreciate you, your talents and your work.

  12. Missy’s Håndarbeid (Missy’s Crafty Mess) Says:

    I woke up abruptly from a nightmare the other night with Psalm 23 in my head. Especially “I will fear no evil, for you are with me”

    • I’m sorry about your nightmare. But thankful for those comforting words from Psalm 23. Now that seems like a “God moment” to me.

      • Missy’s Håndarbeid (Missy’s Crafty Mess) Says:

        I believe it was. It’s been a pretty stressful couple of months and I think he was trying to comfort me.

      • I’m so sorry for whatever you are going through. And, yes, God gave you that gift of His calming words. I am certain of that. I am thankful you are a woman of faith. God carries us through so many difficulties in life. I write from experience. And I know you can say the same. May you be blessed with support, comfort, peace, strength and loving and kind family and friends to embrace you.

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