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Inspiring creativity March 24, 2022

Lost glove along the Straight River Trail, south Faribault, Minnesota. (Minnesota Prairie Roots copyrighted photo March 2022)

THE GLOVED STICK stuck out like a snowman’s broken appendage. There, stuck in the snow, aside the Straight River Trail in south Faribault.

Camera in hand, I paused on a recent afternoon trail walk to photograph the lost grey glove. Scenes like this intrigue me because there’s always a story. Who lost the glove? Why? Who found the glove and then decided to stick it on a stick? Would the woman who lost the glove find it?

Real life often prompts my creative writing. Several weeks ago I wrote with a fury over two days, under pressure to meet a contest deadline. In those two full days of creating, I wrote two pieces of creative nonfiction, two short stories and two poems. The Muse moved within me and I felt it.

More often than not, I tap into my life for ideas. The “write what you know” adage holds true for me.

In writing fiction, I can take a snippet of truth and craft it into a short story that rings with reality, except it’s not. A text shaped one of the pieces I crafted. The other story came from some dark place I have not yet unearthed.

The recent death of my mom resulted in a poem and a work of creative nonfiction. A sign in a barbershop window prompted the second piece of creative nonfiction.

And my second poem emerged from a previous walk along a riverside trail in Faribault. Not the same path of broken snowman appendage. But a place where fingers of snow wrote stories across asphalt.

TELL ME: If you are a creative, what inspires you in your writing/painting/creating? I’d like to hear.

© Copyright 2022 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


10 Responses to “Inspiring creativity”

  1. Beth Ann Says:

    Real life inspires me and I, like you, write what I know.

  2. I have a tendency to get the creative mind on when out in nature, especially in regards to the light or near water. I think part of it is due to breaking away from the cube walls at work and/or taking a break from the house reno (finally in the home stretch and then taking a break for a bit – still have the kitchen to update but good to go for now). I love your creativity and your great story telling 🙂 Happy Creating, Happy Exploring – Enjoy!

  3. beth Says:

    I love this picture and words as I’m always fascinated by things list or left behind. I tend to get my creative inspirations from things I experience, encounter, read or hear in my life. Also things that trigger memories for me-

  4. Valerie Says:

    Adventures and nature (which is usually an adventure!) are my inspirations.

  5. JanBeek Says:

    Hi Audrey. What inspires my writing is so varied that I would have a hard time limiting the labeling of it. What I see, what I read and hear, what I do and don’t do, the people around me, nature and animals, sermons, Biblical scripture, life’s challenges… I could go on and on… writers like you inspire me ❤

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