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New Minnesota State Fair food features duck eggs from Graise Farm August 26, 2022

All Quacked Up! open-faced sandwich. (Photo source: The Hideaway Speakeasy Facebook page/Minnesota State Fair)

WHEN MY FAIR-THEMED FOOD POST published yesterday, I had no idea that duck eggs from a rural Faribault farm are the focus of a new Minnesota State Fair food.

But then a newsletter from Graise Farm landed in my email Thursday morning and I knew immediately I needed to share this fair food update. Duck eggs from the farm owned by Tiffany Tripp and Andy Olson are featured in All Quacked Up!, a new open-faced sandwich created by The Hideaway Speakeasy. This is kind of a big deal for co-owners of this farm north of Cannon City, which is northeast of Faribault.

Graise Farm eggs, photographed at the Cannon Valley Farmers’ Market. (Minnesota Prairie Roots copyrighted file photo May 2021)

On Tuesday, Andy delivered 2,600 duck eggs to the Hideway fair location in the upper grandstand veranda area. Graise Farm has committed to providing 5,000 eggs.

Besides my excitement for Tiffany and Andy, who truly are deserving of this sale and the resulting exposure this will give their business, I love the name. All Quacked Up! is memorable and just plain fun. And even if Iโ€™m not a fried egg foodie, the sandwich sounds tasty. Hereโ€™s its description:

Fried, farm-fresh duck egg from Graise Farm in Faribault atop shaved smoked ham, aged cheddar cheese, tomato and spinach, served open-face on toasted sourdough bread with paprika aioli.

When I consider a fried egg sandwich, I think of my dairy and crop farmer father who often ate fried eggs for breakfast. Chicken, not duck, eggs. Plain, not fancy. Fried in lard, seasoned with salt and pepper. I can picture him now in his striped bib overalls, forking mouthfuls of egg, the yolk running across his dinner plate. And then, when the egg was mostly gone, he sopped up the remaining yolk with a slice of toasted homemade bread.

I expect many other farm kids share that fried egg memory. Perhaps even Tiffany, who left the family farm after earning degrees in agricultural economics and Spanish to work and travel the world, then returned to the family farmstead in 2012. Andy isn’t a farm kid. But, together he and Tiffany embrace rural life, sharing their passions of “raising animals humanely and eating healthy, delicious food grown locally.” Their animals are pasture-raised and/or organic-fed, including those free-range ducks.

You’ll find Graise Farm eggs at this food co-op in Northfield, Minnesota. (Minnesota Prairie Roots copyrighted photo October 2021)

The pair raises ducks, chickens, pigs and goats. They sell eggs, pork, and stew chickens and ducks. For more information, visit the Graise Farm website, which lists locations to buy those typically jumbo-sized duck eggs. And, yes, that includes in the Twin Cities metro.


FYI: Tiffany was instrumental in establishing the Cannon Valley Farmers’ Market with food and products from small-scale farmers and producers in the Cannon River Valley. In the warm weather months, that market is open from 4 – 7pm Thursdays at the Rice County Fairgrounds in Faribault. Cold weather moves the market indoors to the Faribo West Mall.

Copyright 2022 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


16 Responses to “New Minnesota State Fair food features duck eggs from Graise Farm”

  1. Yum! That looks amazing. I have memories of my Grandpa, sitting at the kitchen table in his striped overalls, eating fried eggs over easy on top of his big bowl of All Bran. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. LOVE everything about this and the NAME Love, Love, Love – made me “quack/crack” up ๐Ÿ™‚ I love a good fried egg and added toast, protein, potato, or even into a sandwich yes please! I miss the locally sourced farm items from MN – we grew our own veggies (including pumpkins), fruits, flowers, chickens, pigs, and sheep too. We would barter our items for some apples or honey. CONGRATS to them! Happy Weekend – Enjoy

  3. Valerie Says:

    That’s a lot of eggs! It’s great these eggs from Faribault are getting exposure at the State Fair. It’s nice to learn about this farm from Cannon City. I hope they do well.

    • I thought the same about that being lots of eggs. And, yes, Tiffany and Andy seem to be doing well. They work hard on Graise Farm and in promoting their farm and local in general. Wonderful rural advocates in our region.

  4. beth Says:

    it all sounds so wonderful, and glad they are making it, doing what they clearly love!

  5. Carol Lappi Says:

    your duck egg on top of the all quacked up sandwich at the state fair was absolutely delicious. the concept of the sandwich is great tho i think it needs a bit of work. sourdough toast: yum, but this was so tough itcouldn’t cut it. the duck egg on top was the highlight and was the reason i purchased the sandwich. may need to buy some of your duck eggs!

  6. This would be called an uitsmijter in Dutch. A piece of bread with usually three chicken eggs, ham or bacon, cheese. Yum.
    Good to see that a farm couple are making a hit at the State Fair food!!! I know I would eat one of those. Thanks again for publishing these blogs.

  7. Tiffany Tripp Says:

    Hi Audrey – Thank you so much for sharing our State Fair duck egg adventure on your blog!

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