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Pedestrian-stopping dahlias in Faribault September 19, 2009

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Yellow dahlia

Lavender dahliaSEVERAL YEARS AGO my friend Steve gave me some dahlia tubers.

I looked at the ugly, dried pieces of root and wondered if he was crazy. How could something so drab transform into a beautiful flower?

Steve assured me that would happen and even pointed to the tiniest of sprouts emerging from the tubers.

Well, he’s made a believer out of me.

Into my third year of growing dahlias, I am already passionate about this prolific plant that produces pedestrian-stopping blossoms. Seriously. Last year a guy paused to photograph a saucer plate-sized red dahlia with his cell phone. Granted, he was from China, so in reality he was a tourist, but still…

I’ve received numerous other comments about my beautiful flowers.

Like those many admirers, I am simply smitten by the showy dahlias. Not only do they fill my yard with color, but my house too. These make great, long-lasting cut flowers.

That’s why I need to tour my friend Steve’s dahlia patch soon. When I visited his spacious dahlia garden last autumn, he sent me home with armfuls of dahlias.

There’s something simply romantic and delightful and inspiring and wonderful about a house overflowing with dahlia bouquets.

Purple & white dahlia

White dahlia

Purple tinged dahlia

Red dahlia

Sunny dahlia

© Copyright 2009 Audrey Kletscher Helbling


2 Responses to “Pedestrian-stopping dahlias in Faribault”

  1. Claire Stacey Says:

    Do you know the name of the “purple and white” dahlia you have a picture of on this page? I am trying to find some of the same bulbs I bought last year and this picture is the closest I’ve gotten! If I know the name maybe I will be able to order them from somewhere online.

    Thank you!

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