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Should I hang laundry on the clothesline or not? April 16, 2010

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Raindrops on my hosta.

THURSDAY BROUGHT much-needed rain to our area.

But, in all truthfulness, the rainfall surprised me as evidenced by the freshly-laundered bath towels I hung on the clothesline.

On Monday, believing the predictions of rain, I dried my laundry in the dryer. Not a speck of moisture fell from the sky all day. I chastised myself for trusting the forecasters.

I would not be tricked again.

So Thursday morning, despite predictions of rain, I hung towels outdoors. Then, an hour later, I watched as rain fell, not just lightly, but steadily.

I left the towels there. When the rain ceased, I hauled the heavy, wet load inside, lugged the clothes basket down the basement stairs and then heaved the soggy pile into the dryer.

That was followed by two loads of laundered sheets.

Then, Thursday afternoon, the sun came out, bright and strong. The wind blew a steady, drying breeze across my backyard. Perfect clothes drying weather.

I chastised myself for acting too soon, for believing the rain would last all day.

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