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An Easter egg message April 5, 2010

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THEY WERE, IT appears, trying to mess with my mind.

“They” would be two of my three kids—the two who were home to dye Easter eggs Saturday afternoon.

Dying eggs typically becomes a creative challenge in our household. Who can combine colors for the most appealing, or yucky, egg?

This year, though, the creativity was directed toward language, not visual arts.

My second daughter—the daughter who is home—is suddenly inspired. And as she writes her message with white crayon on a white egg, she is already giggling and looking directly at me.

This can’t be good.

As she dips the egg into the red-orange dye, spooning the liquid across the surface, the words begin to emerge.

She looks at her brother, encourages him to take a peek, all the while shielding her project from my peering view.

He looks and laughs a loud laugh of approval.

I am thinking hard now, wondering about this Easter egg greeting. Whatever the message, I am certain it is being written at my expense.

“Oh, I know, I know,” I suddenly exclaim. “It’s the mouse, the mouse.”

Although I do not guess her precise words, my daughter has written “Happy Easter! Guess who?”

"Happy Easter! Guess who?" my daughter wrote on an Easter egg she created especially for me.

The “Guess who?” part is all too familiar. At Christmas I received a plastic mouse from my cousin Dawn (although she doesn’t admit it) that repeated “Merry Christmouse! Guess who?” After awhile, that little phrase got pretty annoying. I suppose the mouse wouldn’t have been that annoying if my annoying kids hadn’t continued to torture me with the annoying mouse missive.

Now, I admit, they’ve gotten me again with that creative greeting on an egg.

Then, as I’m cleaning up after our egg dying session, I page through the Sunday comics laid down to protect the table. I find “Sally Forth” and a speech bubble that perfectly fits the occasion. The topic of the comic strip, surprisingly, is about Easter, albeit about eating the ears off a chocolate bunny

I lay the “Happy Easter! Guess who?” egg down atop the comic strip, next to this text:

“I’m trying to get inside my mom’s head…”

Focus on the speech bubble just to the right of the egg. It fits perfectly the motivation behind my daughter's Easter egg message, from my perspective anyway.

And they did.

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